Washington DC + TV Advertising

TV advertising that attracts, informs, and delights

From Columbia Heights to Cap South, our innovative TV ad campaigns help you connect with your audience visually and viscerally.

It is easy to assume TV advertising is obsolete, with the internet dominating customers’ attention. We at TOP, bring a vast knowledge of ad wisdom across all media, to provide proof to the contrary. We use analytics and a crack team of creative personnel to help leading and emerging DC brands use television to penetrate new markets, optimize impressions, and, most importantly, help people connect with your brand through sensory experiences that only TV can offer.

  • Creative Development
  • Media Planning and Negotiation
  • Video Production
  • Programmatic TV Buys

In Washington, D.C., being top-heavy can bring a political movement to its knees, and the same can be said here in the Capitol’s business world. That’s why efficiency is one of our principles at TOP. We work with your brand and its unique aspects to tailor a powerful, intensely focused story to tell to the captive audience that television provides.

We understand the detailed phases of TV’s evolution over time, so we have the ability to interweave the relevant threads it provides into the fabric of your message along with the more recent advertising methods that are available today. You already know the subtleties of operating in DC and may have a general idea of how to make inroads. Let us add to that the promise of increasing your ads’ reach, reaching the right number of impressions, and optimizing our joint effort to build your ROI.

We love hometown DC TV advertising

Take your DC company higher by amplifying your brand’s message through optimized, organic, and viral ad experiences

With only seconds to connect with viewers’ emotions and intellect — especially knowing how shrewd DC people are — TV ads must capture the attention and engage the senses while conveying what makes your company unique, in a concise, evocative and powerful way.

Whether you’re a ragtag startup looking to make a splash, or a known brand that needs invigoration, you’re the best at what you do in your industry, and TOP brings battle-tested, proven methods to the table. Let us bring the spotlight to focus on your DC firm.

Why hire a Washington TV Advertising company?

The cost of living — and of doing business — in DC is nothing to sneeze at. Companies like yours need to get their message out to a wider audience, but may lack the time, resources and personnel to make it happen. That’s where TOP comes in, bringing a creative voice, strategic recommendations, and years of successful experience, all to maximize your incoming revenue.

Local TV Advertising for DC companies

TOP demonstrates the ongoing relevance of traditional television. An example of that relevance? Those Reps down the street and their re-election TV campaigns. TV can sway opinions, whether about officials or about your brand’s benefit to your customers and clients. TOP blends digital and traditional strategies to help you go viral, reach a broader audience, or target niche customers.

A TV Advertising company that lives in DC

We’re your neighbors, commuting the same Beltway and working in the shadows of the same monuments. We have a native feel for Washington, DC, which breeds an instinct for working with you to make your brand’s message important through simple, surprising, and significant messages that drive action.

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