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TOP is an integrated marketing agency in the heart of Atlanta

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Who we are

Atlanta's first full-service marketing agency with work backed by data insights and growth marketing techniques, including experimentation, measurement, and optimization.

TOP = Test + Optimize + Perform

An integrated marketing agency in downtown Atlanta

From the Midtown to Little Five Points, we help Atlanta companies scale up

Atlanta is a hub of innovation. An air of disruption lays thick over the many companies that call it home or have moved in as of late. With this influx of talent, founders are knocking on our door to show us what they have coming down the pipeline. By staying ahead of the emerging marketing trends and new developments across social and digital media, we keep our finger on the pulse of what’s next.

From day one, we unearth the competitive space in the market that has not yet been cornered by others in your space by working with your internal brand team or taking on the strategy to create new messaging. Rather than broadcasting that messaging and having it fall on deaf ears, we prioritize the end audience and determine their needs.

If you need in-depth marketing research to better understand your place in the industry based on strengths and weaknesses in the marketplace, our experts in mass media analytics, social media listening, and data curation creates the perfect angle with which to come at your competition.

If you need to seamlessly weave your digital and non-digital tactics together, our landing page optimizers, search term researchers, and pay-per-click strategists work together alongside our out-of-home strategists, broadcast media planners, and creative directors for an entirely integrated marketing experience.

If you need to drive conversions and show sales, we leverage emotionally powerful content that is based around key moments in the marketing calendar, influencing customers and consumers to take immediate action.

From Savannah to Macon, Athens to Augusta, we’ve learned from the top performing startup not just in Atlanta, but across Georgia. By leveraging principles from agile software to develop “sprints” aligned to key drive periods, we increase productivity and confidence across our organization and our partnerships.

We have the soul of a fast-growing startup with the global expertise of a Fortune 500 company, and we have the work ethic to prove it. Let’s meet for coffee at Brash or Moondbird and discuss what it’s going to take to create an amazing marketing campaign together.


We work full-service

Across 35+ disciplines and 7 working groups in advertising, branding, creative, digital, and mass communications, you're bound to find an expertise in TOP's lineup of work that you can use for your next campaign. We don't work in silos either -- our Atlanta-based team works toe-to-toe and fosters an environment of integration.

We leverage data

When you ask the right questions, data will show you the answer. This is our philosophy and it's why we A/B test everything we create. PR pitches, brand messaging guidelines, landing pages, and social content -- it's all based on the data we find from our testing. We turn around and share those findings and insights with our Atlanta clients for them to use far beyond the campaign we collaborate on.

We focus on growth

There aren't very many -- if any -- agencies in Atlanta that apply growth marketing tactics of experimenting, measuring, and optimizing the way TOP does across disciplines. We do this to instill confidence in our partners and create moments that have never been seen before. After all, we're TOP: That means we Test, Optimize, and Perform at scale.

We reach across the globe

You'll find our presence in 25 countries and six continents because we have boots on the ground in some of the world's leading markets. Not only can we laser focus our messaging to our local Atlanta audience, we can optimize and broadcast that message across the world. Try Shanghai, Seoul, London, and Auckland.

We work better together

Across disciplines and across the globe, when you work with TOP, you have access our approaches to project management, global campaign execution, even quarterly P&L statements. We're not a faceless team sitting behind our email inbox. We understand your business and your audience and what makes them tick.

Atlanta's premier marketing agency

We love Atlanta brands

Every day, we seek to rebuild the wheel with the new technologies, tools, and tactics we have at our disposal. We operate as if a marketing agency never existed and reinvent processes based on that.

Across all disciplines, we believe in the power of rigorous testing and the effect it has on sharing our stories. We conduct multivariate A/B tests on key stories and messaging, analyze those conversion rates, then scale those winning story ideas to reach audiences both in and out of our per-view. From these tests, we consistently surpass notable KPI’s and ultimately grow our ROI. It doesn’t hurt that our clients love sifting through the insights with us, and we love applying data to drive strategy no matter what the ask is.

We’re channel and platform agnostic, too. On any given day, our Atlanta team can be found performing rebrands, hashing out SEO strategy for webpages, creating snappy viral videos, and designing social media content for the quarter for our clients.

We certainly don’t spend every day behind a screen, though. This is Atlanta after all; it’s where we work and play, and our team enjoys getting out from behind these four walls and executing guerilla marketing campaigns. From viral man-on-the-street-style videos in Piedmont Park to conferences at the AMA Conference Center with million-dollar budgets, we always keep the customer and consumer experience top of mind.


How do you manage clients on a day-to-day basis for the brands you partner with in Atlanta?

Our account management philosophy is built in four principles: Be proactive, be responsive, be flexible, and be transparent.

These four principles have also allowed us to create rapid feedback loops with our Atlanta clients, which is why we can create campaigns at the drop of a hat. When a famous cat food brand based in San Francisco came to us and needed to activate globally in two weeks, we created partner sponsorship, wrote a series of video scripts and produced a series of videos with our internal film crew, and reported progress along the way to our client.

How does your marketing agency collaborate with other Atlanta agencies?

We work collaboratively with other agencies in three primary ways:  as lead agency, as an agency council member, and by doing fill-in work.  Our team-oriented approach builds trust with our colleagues.  We’ve earned a reputation as a flexible partner that can assume new and changing agency roles as circumstances change.  You'll find us working hard all day alongside our Bay Area agency partners and then hitting up happy hour at El Techo or Mission Rock Resort after work, too.

Whether we're filling in the gaps for other agencies, leading the charge on a campaign, or serving on an agency council, we've earned a reputation of being a trustworthy, flexible partner that other organizations can rely on to assume new roles or take on the necessary work. We love collaborating with colleagues in our space, then taking the fun out of the office to happy hour at Dantanna's or Red Pepper Taqueria.

How do you staff you Atlanta marketing teams?

By conducting holistic brainstorms, breaking down tasks, and aligning and allocating on resources, our capable human and technology resources can ensure that we're always staffing against key initiatives.

We also pride ourselves on staffing those who can work shoulder-to-shoulder with other disciplines, often in open-concept office spaces to encourage cohesiveness and collaboration. The result is a 360-degree marketing plan that covers off on every base. We have the global expertise and the local wherewithal to course correct in the moment the way other agencies in Atlanta cannot.

How do you use emerging new stories and trending topics in Atlanta and beyond in your work?

We thrive on spontaneity, so the ever-changing landscape across mass and social medias plays a huge role in our day-to-day strategy. We scour news sources, social media feeds, Twitter trending topics, and hot drops of PR releases to join trending conversations and create insights on behalf of our clients. Within the framework of your established marketing plan, we'll uncover moments to draw a connection between the great work your company is doing and what's really happening across the globe.

In addition to being on-trend online, the team at TOP seeks inspiration from the city we call home. You'll find TOP team members "shootin' the Hooch" while floating the Chattahoochee river on the weekends, grabbing a drink at The Battery before catching a game, or serving as an extra in one of the many, many films produced and shot in ATL, which has aptly been nicknamed "Y'allywood". We find opportunities and moments of cultural delight and post them as Slack messages to our teammates, sharing fun new discoveries every day.

How do you onboard new San Francisco or Silicon Valley marketing clients?

Every partnership of ours begins with a thorough 21-day onboarding plan. It's customer tailored to each client and the team that will be collaborating closely with them. We've systematized it over time, but we're sensitive to our clients' particular ways of life. During this onboarding process, we make mental (and physical) note of our client's communication preferences and establish a cadence of meetings, reportings, and syncs based on that understanding. We always want to be one step ahead of you so you don't even have to ask for what you need.

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