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Who we are

TOP is Dallas' first marketing agency to apply growth marketing principles — such as the process of systematic experimentation and measurement — to each core agency discipline.

TOP = Test + Optimize + Perform

A full-service Dallas marketing agency

From Oak Cliff to Lake Highlands, we ensure Dallas companies market at scale

Our agency was born and raised in the city of Dallas, meaning many of the the most innovative and successful founders walk right through our doors to allow us front row seats to their upcoming big launches. Not only do we have close knowledge on the latest marketing trends, but we make sure we’re the first movers on all emerging digital marketing and social media platforms. 

We ensure from the very beginning of the client relationship that we collaborate closely with your internal brand team to align on essential messages — or our brand strategists can help your company uncover the white space separating you from your competitors. We don’t rely on solely broadcasting our message to people who may or may not attention, but we prioritize the end audience, their needs, and their specific use cases in order to puncture through the noise. 

If you need extensive marketing research in order to understand your competitive strengths and weaknesses in marketplace, TOP is filled with experts in using social media listening, mass media analysis, surveys, and focus groups to find the best angles to overtake the competition.

If you need world-class digital marketing that can seamlessly integrate with non-digital tactics, our team of pay-per-click experts, landing page optimizers, and keyword researchers work closely with broadcast media buyers, out-of-home planners, and our full creative team for a truly integrated marketing experience. 

If your company needs to drive more conversions, our team creates psychological triggers, sticky content ideas, and use calendar-based marketing in order to activate key emotions — prompting consumers, customers, and prominent influencers to immediately take action. 

Running our business in Dallas means we were able to learn from the best performing startups from Uptown, Deep Ellum, Downtown, Victory Park, and all over Dallas. We adapt principles from agile software development to work in a multiple consecutive bursts, all aligned to essential drive periods. This approach guarantees that we achieve high productivity while having the bandwidth to course correct quickly and confidently.

What this all leads to is a Dallas agency with the spirit of a rapidly advancing tech startup and the global influence of a top performing enterprise. Let’s grab a coffee at Houndstooth and then take the steps towards creating some amazing marketing campaigns together.


We are full-service

When we say full-service, we mean full-service. Our specialties span across 35+ disciplines and are organized into 7 functional groups: advertising, branding, commerce, communications, creative, digital, and growth. Rather than operating in individual silos, TOP's Dallas team forms its work while keeping in mind cross-functional integration with a standard set of metrics and processes.

We are data-driven

We don't underestimate the power of data and the answers it reveals when you look hard enough and ask the right questions. We make sure to A/B test every single piece of content — including our pitches, brand messaging guidelines, and digital landing pages. We're always happy to share this data with our Dallas clients, as better data leads to better insights. In order to optimize, first you need to measure.

We are growth-focused

We're Dallas' first marketing agency to successfully apply growth marketing strategies — including systematic experimentation and measurement — to all of our core agency disciplines. Not only does a Dallas business need to fly higher than its Dallas competition, but it's also important to make sure that we check our engine. Our growth focused approach is the actual embodiment of TOP — where we Test, Optimize, and Perform at scale.

We have global reach

TOP has been involved with integrated marketing campaigns in more that 25 countries on six different continents. We have a front row seat in most leading markets worldwide. We're Dallas' top marketing agency, able to close in on targets here in D-Town and then beam our optimized message all the way to São Paulo, Hong Kong, London, and Sydney. 

We work as one team

Working with TOP across multiple countries and disciplines means you're getting more than just an introductory email introducing you to another team that has no idea what your business does (or what the team outside of  Dallas is up to). From Dallas to Sydney, we work as one — from our project management approach to global execution to our quarterly P&L statements.

A marketing agency born in Dallas

We love Dallas brands

We start each day by asking ourselves the question: how would we event a marketing agency if it never existed before, using the tools and technology available to us today?

Regardless of the discipline, we believe a great marketing agency thrives off the power of great story telling and meticulous testing. Every day, our Dallas marketing experts conduct multivariate tests on key stories and messaging — multidimensional A/B testing —analyzing conversion rates, and then ascending successful story ideas and key messages in order to reach key KPIs and higher ROI. Our clients are always excited about the insights they receive into their optimal product story from the results of our data-driven approach and multivariate testing.

We’re a Dallas marketing agency that remains channel and platform agnostic. Walk into our office any day and you’ll find us filming a fresh viral video for a scrappy wearables start-up, helping to rebrand a global CPG brand, planning SEO strategy for local brick-and-mortar B2B businesses, managing a hot new SaaS company’s LinkedIn presence, and organizing an earth shaking CSR campaign.

Working in an office in Dallas doesn’t mean that we’re stuck inside staring at screens all day. Our talented and experiential marketing and events planning team oversees everything from viral man-on- the-street style stunts to million dollar conferences at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center — setting the customer and consumer experience as priority.


What is your marketing agency’s approach to day-to-day client management for Dallas brands?

Our account management systems, procedures, and teams are built to operate around four fundamental principles: proactivity, responsiveness, flexibility, and transparency.

In their entirety, these principles generate rapid feedback loops with our Dallas clients and consumers. That's one of the reasons why we're famous for being a rapid-strike agency: when a well-known Dallas craft beer brand asked us for help to create a global activation in less than two weeks — and were unable to find another agency who would agree to execute that fast — we reached out to a well established and already existing sponsor with a partnership plan, wrote multiple video scripts, and quickly responded to brand feedback while mobilizing our internal film crew in a flexible production schedule including overnight video editing and transparently reporting on all progress during each step.

How does your marketing agency collaborate with other Dallas agencies?

We collaborate with other marketing agencies in three main ways: lead agency, agency council member, and fill-in work. This team-oriented approach means we're able to build trust amongst our colleagues. We're known in the industry as being a flexible partner that is able to assume new and changing agency roles as circumstances and plans change. You'll be able to find us hard at work all day with our Dallas agency partners and then heading over to happy hour as a group once the clock hits 6pm.

How do you staff your Dallas marketing teams?

We ensure the right resources and skills are staffed against each initiative through managing human and technology resources. Our asset allocation and management process is a four-step system:  holistic brainstorming, task breakdown, resource alignment, and resource allocation.

With every campaign, our Dallas teams were closely together — most times within the same room in order to ensure cohesiveness — to generate end-to-end results that keeps other disciplines in mind and appropriately crosses disciplinary boundaries. Since we're an eccentric hybrid of local agency with global reach, we're able to combine vertical integration with rapid course corrections and other traditional agencies are still unable to manage.

How do you respond to emerging news stories and cultural trends in Dallas and beyond?

Today's mass and social media is spontaneous and plays a significant role in our daily approach. Our in-house data analysis, YouTube plays, Twitter hashtags, and news headlines to identify tending conversations and map cross-channel insights. We make course corrections based on what's currently trending while connecting the conversation to our core brand messaging goals by working within the wireframe of our established marketing plan.

Being and remaining on-trend means drawing inspiration from everywhere. From catching a Dallas Cowboys game at AT&T Stadium to grabbing some of the best Tex-Mex in the entire state, the team at TOP is a mixed social group of people who love being outside and observing and synthesizing all the city currently has to offer. We post Slack messages to each other with new information that we've discovered and can be used in our work, all while operating within Dallas humidity.

How do you onboard new Dallas marketing clients?

Our client work usually begins with a 21-day onboarding plan, customized to the needs of each individual client. The begin with a process unique to each discipline that we have been able to systematize over time. However, we also comprehend that every Dallas client has its own particular needs, and we make sure that we remain sensitive to that. During the onboarding process, we consider our client's communication inclinations and utilize the best tools from our large selection of technologies in order to fit the client's requests. Meeting schedules, reporting cadence, and key role assignments will be established in order to maintain our goal of being proactive and taking necessary steps before you even think to ask.

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