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TOP is a corporate social responsibility agency that believes there's more to being a good corporate citizen than just signing a pledge.

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Being a Good Citizen Starts With Your Values

We're ready to bring strategy and creativity to your CSR campaign to have the biggest impact.

At TOP, we believe corporate citizenship is more than just signing a pledge or making a donation. Citizenship is about making real contributions to your community and the world at large, even if no one is watching. However, we live in a world where the more attention something gets, the greater the impact it has. And when talking about the good your company will do as a corporate citizen, advancing strategic branding and marketing goals will help every dollar go further than it would have in a vacuum.

Corporate Social Responsibility may seem like a buzz word but take it from us, it isn’t going anywhere. Entire companies have been created and thrive with a socially responsible business model and companies across the world are working together to move the needle on big issues. These are a few of the disciplines we use to effective market your CSR:

  • Public Relations
  • Experiential Marketing
  • Video
  • Social Media
  • Influencer Marketing

At TOP, we help your company determine where and how you can make the most impact and then package that impact in a world driven by mass and social media to make it more newsworthy, shareable, and viral.

We help you determine where your company can make the most impact—and then package that impact in a world driven by mass and social media to make it more newsworthy, shareable, and viral.

We build awareness

The first step toward real change comes from accepting there is a problem and resolving to fix it. The next step is bringing others on board. That requires an awareness campaign and at TOP we're adept at generating local and national attention through top-flight PR and thought leadership.

We tell stories

The best CSR campaigns are built around stories. Sometimes they are stories of loss, struggle, triumph. Others are stories of vindication and validation. At TOP, we take your campaign's story and package it into a simple, surprising, and significant format that will have maximum impact.

We advance your cause and your brand

It is critical that your outreach advance the cause that you're working toward, but it is also important to advance that brand at the same time. We build CSR campaigns around your unique brand identity in order to determine how and where your company can have the biggest impact.

Why Hire a Corporate Social Responsibility company?

Corporate social responsibility does more than just help members of our community, it helps to build trust in a brand and in some cases, change perceptions of who the company is and what they care about. A CSR agency can help you identify the proper form your CSR campaign should take — such as charitable giving, reducing your carbon footprint, or sponsoring major charitable events — and the best ways to raise attention for both your efforts and the efforts your company is hoping to augment.

How Can CSR Help My Business?

There’s really no end to the ways in which a good, strategic, thoughtful, and impactful corporate social responsibility campaign can benefit not just the community or cause, but your own company. When done well (and by well we mean authentically) CSR can have a real impact on advancing a cause or improving a community. Corporations are some of the most resource-heavy groups in a community, having them on board can make a real difference. Being seen is this major benefactor of a community or cause helps to shape public perception of your brand while improving the world in which your customers and employees live.

What are Some Ways my Company Can Give Back?

There are a myriad of ways that corporate social responsibility campaigns can give back to the community, however, they tend to fall into 4 main categories: philanthropy, conservation, diversity, and volunteerism. Any number of these CSR campaigns when backed with an authentic desire to do good one’s community and a strategy to do so can garner a great deal of positive attention for a brand.

Join us in one of our offices for a conversation about how your brand can benefit from a strategic CSR plan and get to know TOP and all that we can do for your company.

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