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TOP is an integrated marketing agency in the centre of London

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Who we are

We're the first London-based marketing agency that applies the principles of growth marketing to every core agency discipline across departments.

TOP = Test + Optimize + Perform

A London-based integrated marketing agency

From Soho to Shoreditch, we help London companies market to scale

We kickstart every relationship with a close collaboration across key strategy and messaging with internal brand teams, or stepping in to create brand strategy by uncovering the competitive white space that exists in the marketplace. Rather than relying on blasting that message across channels to see who pays attention, we think about the end audience and prioritize their needs in an attempt to break through the noise.

Our team has the capability to create analyses across strengths and weaknesses in order to uncover gaps and opportunities in the marketplace. As experts in using mass media analysis, surveys, focus groups, and social media listening, we find the best angles to one-up competitors.

Our team integrates top-notch digital marketing with compelling non-digital efforts. At TOP, we combine efforts across PCP, SEO, and keyword research with our out-of-home strategists, media buyers, and our full suite of creatives to ensure your marketing experience covers the entire funnel.

Our team knows how to drive conversions, retain customers, and make people take immediate action. We leverage calendar-based marketing to create content that is emotionally sound and relevant to what’s happening in the moment.

Our team has learned from the best startups in London and across the UK in Leeds, Birmingham, Manchester, and Liverpool. We leverage agile software development to break our work up into a series of “sprints” aligned to key drive periods in the marketing calendar. This approach allows us to work productively and confidently, course correcting as needed along the way.

The result? A London marketing agency that incorporates the city’s global reach with the heart of a startup finding its footing. Let’s grab a pint or a cup of coffee at Kaffeine to discuss the next big idea and ways to market it together.


We are fully full-service

Across 35+ disciplines and 7 working groups exists our capabilities in advertising, branding, communications, digital, and growth marketing. We don't work in silos, either -- every team operates under a common set of processes and metrics to create cross-functional work that sticks.

We are driven by data

Everything is testable. From PR pitches to landing page copy, we believe that data will reveal the answers to any question you have. We A/B test everything, then turn around and share those findings with our clients in London and beyond. We crave finding new insights and turning those insights into optimized messaging opportunities.

We are focused on growth

Our name is TOP for a reason: we Test, Optimize, and Perform to scale. We do this by applying growth marketing principles across all of our disciplines, experimenting and measuring every piece of content to ensure that we're not only climbing fast in the battlefield of great London tech companies, but ensuring that everything we create is moving the needle for our clients.

We are global

We've created campaigns across 25 countries and six continents, thanks largely in part to our network of TOP team members across the world. We're one of the few London marketing agencies that can hyper-focus messaging in London, then optimize that message to broadcast across the world to Singapore, France, Mexico, and China, among others.

We are a single team

Our clients don't get a cookie-cutter introductory email from a team that doesn't understand their business or their needs when they work with TOP. From London to Lima, TOP is a cohesive team, and we leverage the best project management technology and global execution strategies available to ensure that we're operating as one.

A marketing agency living and learning in London

We love London brands

If marketing agencies never existed, how would we invent it with the technologies and advancements available today? We ask ourselves this daily.

Across every TOP discipline, we believe that powerful storytelling should be coupled with systematic testing, designed to A/B test across multiple dimensions in order to find the “winning” story ideas. We take those winning messaging pieces after deep analysis, and optimize them to achieve higher ROI, meet KPIs, and reach audiences we previously hadn’t found. Our clients love receiving our data insights from the multivariate tests we run and from our data-driven approach.

In addition to being testing forward, we’re friendly with any channel or platform. From shooting viral videos to rebranding webpages, creating annual social media content calendars, and redesigning packaging, we’re no strangers to cross-functional marketing strategies that touch on a range of channels.

Just because we work in the tech hub that is London doesn’t mean we spend every day sitting behind our computer. Our experiential and guerrilla marketing teams find ways to incorporate out-of-home efforts in Trafalgar Square or host multi-million dollar conferences at Cavendish Conference Centre, always keeping the customer top of mind.


What is your approach to day-to-day client management for your marketing agency's partner brands in London?

Our approach to account management is based on a four-principle system: Be proactive, responsive, flexible, and transparent.

These four principles are the foundation to the rapid feedback loops we've been able to create for flawless communication between us and our London clients. These loops were incredibly helpful when we have to execute campaigns in as little as a few weeks notice. We can mobilize internal departments, set schedules for delivery, and report progress with our clients at every step of the way.

How does your marketing agency collaborate with other London agencies?

agencies can't fill, and as an agency council member. We're team-first, and that mentality has earned us the reputation of being a flexible, trustworthy partner ready to step in at a moment's notice. We're apt to work to hard during the day, then take that teamwork to the The Book Club, The Griffin, or Home Bar for a drink after hours.

How do you staff your London marketing teams?

By allocating the best in human and technology resources to staffing the best skill sets against top initiatives, we can break down resource allocation and our management process into four easy steps: holistic brainstorming, task breakdown, resource alignment, and resource allocation.

An open-concept working environment allows our entire team - regardless of department - to work in cohesion, making the end result a cross-disciplinary campaign that knows no department boundaries. We can scale globally but message locally in ways other agencies can't with our capabilities in course correcting.

How do you respond to emerging news stories and cultural trends in London and beyond?

On any given day, our in-house creatives, social media specialists, and data analysts are scouring news feeds, headlines, and trending Twitter topics to find ways to ladder conversations back to our clients that are happening in real-time. Because the nature of today's media circuit is so spontaneous, we activate quickly within the framework of our established marketing plans in order to strike while the iron is hot and make the most out of each opportunity.

Being on trend doesn't end at being relevant online, though. The team at TOP finds inspiration outside of the office as well. From trying new foods at Brixton Market to picnics on Primrose Hill, picking up a new book at Word on the Water or catching live jazz in Camden, TOP team members enjoy the best that London has to offer while observing, synthesizing, and internalizing for new ways to support our clients.

How do you onboard new London marketing clients?

We begin our 21-day onboarding plan by customizing each to the complexities and the needs of each client. We create a process for each discipline necessary to create your campaign and weave them seamlessly together for an end-to-end strategy. We're sensitive that our London-area clients are selective with the tools, technologies, and meeting cadence that they use to keep in contact with their agency partner, so we take stock of those wants and establish a schedule around them. Our goal is to be proactive and take action without you having to ask.

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