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Who we are

We’re the first Detroit-based marketing agency to apply growth marketing principles — including the process of systematic experimentation and measurement — to all core agency disciplines.

TOP = Test + Optimize + Perform


Our approach

Emotional storytelling with rigorous testing.

We believe in both "left brain" and "right-brain" thinking. Our Detroit data science teams conduct A/B testing of key messaging, analyze conversion rates, and measure key performance indicators(KPIs) and return on investment.

Our Detroit creative teams use narrative storytelling, psychological triggers, and emotional activation to help make content more "sticky".

We use this combination of inspiration and analysis to help our clients grow faster.

A full-service Detroit marketing agency

From the Greektown to Corktown, we help companies in Detroit market at scale

With roots across the nation but particularly in Detroit, some of the most innovative companies and heads of those companies seek out TOP to discuss the next big thing and ways to market it. Across platforms and marketing efforts, we have a handle on what’s currently trending and what’s to come.

Everything we do, we do with your end audience in mind and determine ways to break through the noise to reach them. By determining the competitive white space that will differentiate you from others in your per-view, we begin our relationship by thinking about the end goal.

Are you lacking the necessary market research to understand your competitive strengths and opportunities in your marketplace? We use tools across listening, analysis, survey, and focused interview capabilities to find the story lines your competition hasn’t used.

Are you looking for award-winning digital marketing that amplifies your off-screen efforts? TOP rallies efforts around around SEO optimization, PPC expertise, and broader keyword research that all work in tandem with our full-suite creative and media team to create an entirely integrated marketing experience.

Are you needing to create sticky, time-sensitive content that encourages your customers to take an immediate action, driving site traffic, conversions, and repeat business? We leverage emotional triggers and calendar-based marketing to create timely, relevant content.

We don’t know it all, though — we learn from the best startups from Detroit, Ann Arbor, Toledo, and Grand Rapids, among others, and use agile software principles to break our workflow into a series of formulaic sprints, aligned to key marketing periods and allowing us to amplify at major moments. This proven method allows us to achieve high productivity and course correct in the moment, should it be needed.

The result of this approach has positioned TOP as a marketing agency with the soul of a startup and the experience that comes from enterprise-level global expertise. Let’s grab a coffee – or better yet, a beer at one of Detroit’s awesome microbreweries – and create a plan for market domination.

A marketing agency born and bred in Detroit

We love working with Detroit brands

We want to reinvent the traditional marketing agency by imagining a marketing agency has never existed. By introducing the tools and technologies of today, we can turn the idea of advertising as we know it on its head.

With great marketing comes great storytelling. No matter how creative the task at hand is, we believe in A/B testing everything — creative placements, story headlines, even PR pitches — then analyzing conversion rates and taking the “winning” story ideas to multiply our success. On a daily basis, our Detroit marketing teams are achieving ROI for our clients, who love the insights the receive from our multivariate approach to testing.

This Motor City marketing engine knows no boundaries when it comes to the channels and platforms we work across. Step into our Woodward Avenue office and on a normal day, our teams will be shooting sticky viral videos for the latest tech startup, rebranding a global finance company’s web pages, deliberating on keyword search terms for a local brick-and-mortar business, or overhauling a SaaS company’s social presence to attract audiences.

Not all of the magic happens on-screen, though — our guerilla marketing team has pulled off incredible experiential marketing efforts and events at TCF Center and marketing stunts made for virality at Grand Circus Park. While we like to step away from the computer and have a little fun with the brands we partner with, we always ensure we’re keeping the customer top of mind.


What does day-to-day client management look like for TOP's Detroit brand partners?

Our account management system is based on four key principles: Be transparent, be flexible, be responsive, and be proactive.

These four principles are characteristics we look for in every member of our account management team, who together have created systematic feedback loops between our working teams and our Detroit-based clients. Within a moment's notice, we have the capability to create partnerships, execute on creative efforts, and report our findings. Simply put, we make things happen very, very quickly, which is why we're well-known for being a rapid-strike agency.

Does your marketing agency collaborate with other agencies across greater Detroit?

Whether we take the lead, join an agency council, or provide fill-in work for disciplines other agencies can't fulfill, our team-oriented approach has allowed us to build trust with our colleagues in the industry. We pride ourselves on being the flexible partner that can adapt to the changing circumstances that come with a shift in agency roles. Not only do we thrive on collaboration in the office, we also thrive at happy hour at Craft Work or The Skip at the end of the day.

How do you staff your Detroit marketing teams?

Through a system of holistic brainstorming, task breakdown, resource alignment, and allocation, we've created a management process that allows us to ensure the right resources and skill sets are staffed against larger business initiatives to ensure we're hiring the right people to create the best work.

No matter the campaign, the project, or the length of scope, our teams work toe-to-toe in an open floor plan to cross disciplinary boundaries and produce an integrated marketing product that hits on every point necessary. We're a unique blend of local expertise and global experience, so we have the capacity to course correct quickly and as needed.

How do you leverage emerging news stories and local trends in Detroit and beyond?

On any given day, we're scouring news headlines, Twitter trending topics, and social media feeds to leverage the immediacy and urgency that comes with the territory in today's mass and social media landscapes. We take these trending topics as they happen and, within the wireframe of each client's particular marketing plan, create moments to connect what's happening now to core brand messaging goals.

We don't just get inspiration online, though -- we take our creative process outside of the office as a team. Whether we're taking a group stroll around Belle Isle, throwing pots at Pewabic Pottery, or enjoying a piece of baklava at Astoria Pastry Shop (trust us -- it's a slice of heaven), the team members at TOP enjoy the best that Detroit has to offer together to foster the collaborative environment we're known for. From catching the best live music this side of Mo-Town at El Club, Trinosophes, or Small's to checking out the murals across the city's outdoor galleries, our work thrives off of the inspiration we get just from daily exploration.

How do you onboard new Detroit marketing clients?

From day one, your experience is custom-tailored to your specific needs and goals. Our 21-day onboarding plan is just as much for us as it is for you -- it allows us to take a deep dive into your current systems, understand your audience, and set important KPIs while discerning what the best course of communication is for your brand. We take stock of your preferences, whatever form those may come in, and establish a cadence of meetings, reportings, and assignments to ensure that we're ahead of the ball and on top of the game. After all, working with TOP is a partnership, and we're sensitive to the daily systems that make up your unique business.

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