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TOP is an integrated marketing agency in Miami

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Who we are

We apply growth marketing principles to every core agency discipline -- whatever they ask may be -- and we're the first marketing agency in Miami to do so.

TOP = Test + Optimize + Perform

Miami's full-service marketing agency

We help Miami companies scale quicker and smarter, from Brickell to Buena Vista.

The heartbeat of Miami lies in the culture — from the food to art to the people — and part of that culture is engrained in the innovative companies and their founders, who allow TOP a front row seat to any exciting developments. We take pride in being ahead of the know on the latest digital marketing trends, social media platforms, and technology releases.

If you need us to uncover the competitive white space that separates you from your competition, we can do that. Otherwise, we’ll align closely with your internal brand team on key messaging and tactics for broadcasting those messages to your optimal audience.

Are you in need of a deeper understanding of the opportunities you can create for your brand by determining your competitive strengths and weaknesses in the marketplace? We’re experts in media analysis, social media listening, focus group organization, and surveying of key influencers to uncover the best storylines for attacking the competition.

Are you in need of top-notch digital marketing that directly relates back to your off-screen efforts? We rally our SEO wizards, PPC experts, and keyword researchers who are keen on optimizing landing pages to marry strategy with TOP’s media buyers, planners, and our full suite of creatives, offering you a truly immersive and integrated marketing plan.

Are you needing to drive conversions and show sales? The team at TOP helps create sticky, unforgettable moments of content delight that leverage the power of emotion and of calendar-based marketing to influence your consumers to act now.

We’ve taken notes from working with the best startups across South Florida — from Boca Raton to Fort Lauderdale and across Palm Beach, we operate under the principles from agile software development to work in a series of “sprints” that are aligned to notable moments in your marketing calendar. We take this approach to proceed with confidence, create productivity across teams, and put systems in place to course correct quickly along the way.

The result of these processes and these learnings have put TOP in a unique position amongst other Miami marketing agencies. We operate with the scrappiness of a fast-growing startup, but we have global experience across a range of verticals to back our work up. We can’t start a day without cafe con leche, so let’s meet over over a cup and discuss creating an amazing marketing campaign together.


We create 360-degree integration

Our work spans 35+ disciplines across 7 functional groups, from branding to media buying, digital media to mass communications, growth marketing to creative execution. Rather than exist in silos, our Miami-based team designs campaigns to be integrated across functions under a common set of processes.

We are driven by our data

With great data comes great power, and we leverage both to create powerful storylines that are backed by findings from incessant testing. We A/B test everything from PR pitches to landing page copy, then we turn around and share our findings with our Miami clients so they can continue to find value through those numbers. Better data means better insights, and insights give us something optimize on.

We are focused on growth

The first of our kind in Miami, TOP applies growth marketing principles (things like systematic experimentation, measurement, and data application) to every core agency discipline, creative included. We're not trying to become the next breakthrough tech company, but our work ethic would have you believe otherwise. After all, we're TOP: We have a habit of Testing, Optimizing, and Performing at scale.

We achieve global reach

Our portfolio is as diverse and worldly as the population in Miami. From 25 countries and six continents, we've worked with brands to create global integrated marketing campaigns because we have capable marketers on the front lines in nearly every leading market in the world. We're one of few Miami marketing agencies that knows how to create amazing work at home, while broadcasting that message across the world in Mexico City, Brussels, Paris, and Dublin.

We are one team

From project management to product marketing, working with TOP means you're a part of our team. We understand your business in and out, just like you'll learn that we leverage data to make every decision. You don't get a boiler plate introductory email when you sign on with us -- you get global access to our worldwide team of strategists, planners, and analysts.

A Miami-based marketing agency

We love our Miami brands

We believe in reinventing the traditional marketing agency day after day, leveraging the tools and technology we have at our disposal.

Every story we tell is backed by data insights we discover through rigorous testing. Every day, our Miami-based team is conducting multivariate tests of key messaging and broadcast stories, A/B testing across channels and dimensions, then analyzing that data to determine the best course of action to winning higher ROI and reaching our KPIs. Our clients love the insights they get from our data-driven approach to marketing, and we love surpassing our goals.

In the spirit of testing, we are no strangers to any channel or platform worth experimenting with. We prefer to remain agnostic in the matter, so on any given day, our Miami-based team is shooting viral videos for a global CPG brand, rebranding logos for Silicon Valley-based medtech startups, and managing the social media presence for the newest brick-and-mortar B2B business in town.

With South Beach out our back door and the hustle and bustle of Miami at our fingertips, the last thing we do is spend every day behind a computer screen. We take to the streets to film viral videos, plan events, and host million dollar conferences on behalf of our Miami brands. Whether we’re getting quotes from strangers on Ocean Avenue or setting up a booth at the Miami Beach Convention Center, we’re keeping your customer or consumer experience at the forefront of our strategy.


What is your marketing agency’s approach to day-to-day client management for Miami brands?

We base our account management process around four key principles: being proactive, responsive, flexible, and transparent.

Through these four principles, we have created rapid feedback loops with our Miami clients, allowing us to take on work at a moment's notice. We have a history of getting a viral video campaign off the ground for a major cat food brand in under two weeks using these systematic feedback loops. By mobilizing our internal film crew, creating a sponsorship plan overnight, and keeping an open line of communication with the client, we were able to make something special, even at the drop of a hat.

Does your marketing agency collaborate with other Miami marketing agencies?

We thrive on collaboration with other organizations that want to work together to create awesome work. As lead agency, an agency council member, or by filling in the gaps for other agencies, we put the team first in order to build trust with colleagues, so we've earned the reputation as being a flexible partner that can assume roles when circumstances change. You'll find us collaborating in our home office off 7th Street or at our partners' locations then hitting up happy hour at Lost Boy or Esotico, among our other favorite bars around the city.

What is your philosophy on staffing your Miami team?

We combine human and technology resources to ensure the right skill sets are staffed against the initiatives we need fulfilled to make the most capable team in the world. We allocate resources and create a management process through four-step system: holistic brainstorming, task breakdown, resource alignment, and resource allocation.

On any given campaign, our Miami teams work arm-in-arm to produce a marketing plan that crosses department boundaries. We combine global experience and scale with local expertise to integrate across verticals and course correct in ways that other traditional agencies across Miami aren't capable of.

How do you leverage emerging news stories and cultural trends across Miami in your work?

All day, every day, our in-house data analysts are monitoring news headlines, trending topics on Twitter, Google search data, and social media news feeds to identify trending topics relevant to our audience based, mapping them to cross-channel insights and opportunities within the frameworks of our marketing plans. Media, by nature today, is fleeting, so we want to ensure we're capitalizing on moments of "wow" to steer the conversation in positive ways back to the amazing brands we partner with.

We don't just get inspiration online, though. The team members at TOP get inspiration from their surroundings and from the culture that is the foundation of Miami. Whether enjoying a walk through the Wynwood Art Walls, tasting the best Cuban food in the states in Little Havana, or catching a Miami Heat game at the American Airlines Center, TOP team members know how to enjoy themselves while constantly observing, internalizing, and synthesizing. We'll share our findings in Slack messages with each other to discover new ways to enhance our work for clients across South Florida.

How do you onboard new Miami marketing clients?

Our partnership kicks off with a rigorous 21-day onboarding plan that is custom-tailored to the client, their needs, and their goals. Each discipline also has their own onboarding process to strategize ways to make the most of their piece of the pie. During these initial few weeks, we take stock of our client's communication preferences and hand-select tools from our arsenal to fit your demands. Once we establish a cadence of meetings, reportings, and role assignments, we can stay ahead of the ball and take steps without you having to even ask.

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