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About us.

We don't move the needle, we control it.

We are a team of public relations professionals who understand the power of both pro-active and reactive PR. We can help you truly drive the conversation not just by promoting your business and brand, but by inserting you into the conversation no matter the topic.

We excel at pro-active pitching and media relations, but we equally value the kind of fast-faced, rapid response PR and communications strategies that are needed to cut through the noise and get you noticed in today's rapidly evolving media landscape.

More Than Your Run of the Mill PR Agency

Data-Backed Public Relations guaranteed to move the needle

Data is in our blood. We founded TOP Agency on the premise that traditional public relations just wasn’t good enough. We believe that with the right data about the right audiences and the messages they will most respond to, we can create enormous amounts of attention for our clients without the enormous cost associated with it. We are able to accomplish this through the use of our proprietary blueprint system.

Essentially, we have taken years of experience in data-driven public relations and distilled those learnings down to a series of tried and tested public relations blueprints. Each blueprint is based on a distinct type of pitch that has been shown to work reliably in the past. We are able to know exactly what type of story generates what level of engagement with what type of journalist. So we don’t guess at success — our Blueprint system lets us quantify success.

These are just a few of the services we provide:

  • Strategic PR planning and execution
  • crisis communications
  • data-driven story creation
  • media training
  • b-roll creation

As a data-driven PR agency, we thrive when we have exciting data to base our pitches on. Sometimes, that means creating it ourselves. Through our own internal survey platform we are able to conduct nationwide or global polls highlighting nearly every demographic your company might seek to reach and providing critical insights to inform our messaging.

Why our Blueprint System works so well

Controlled Creativity and a Healthy Dose of A/B Testing

Our proprietary blueprint system is an ever-evolving series of story concepts that are simultaneously concise enough to reach reporters in ways and on levels that are most intriguing to them, while also being broad enough to appeal across large swaths of beats if needed. Each blueprint has a pedigree that goes back through our years of public relations experience and are based on successful pitch trends we’ve quantified. Every blueprint has been proven to work over and over in the past and will work again, guaranteed.

Each blueprint provides a scaffold on which the details of a pitch can hang. This allows the story’s unique characteristics to shine while providing a structure that is instantly recognizable by our audience. This frees us up to be creative in ways that focus on your brand. Then we test every pitch and every associated blueprint to determine which one works the best and expand that outreach at scale.

Why Hire a Public Relations Agency?

Hiring a public relations agency, especially a data-driven firm with years of experience, can dramatically increase your brand awareness, build or improve your public image, help your company expand into new and exciting territories, and cement your place as an industry thought leader with tons of sought-after expertise. We work to provide the biggest impact, at the right time, in the right places, and for the right people. Hitting on any one of those variables requires a great deal of media experience and expertise. Hitting on all four at once requires excellence. At TOP, we have the tools and the talent to meet that excellence.

How can a Public Relations agency help your business?

Unless you’re a public relations company, it is safe to assume that PR isn’t your core competency as an organization. Hiring a PR agency at the level of TOP will allow your brand to focus on the parts of the business you chose to do and leave the day to day, strategic planning and execution to a trusted partner who understands you, your business, and how to get the most positive media attention we can.

What impact can video have on my business?

Depending on your immediate and future needs, a strong public relations program can have a massive impact on your business. Whether you’re just starting out and looking to make a name for yourself, or you’re an established brand looking to reinvent your image, public relations and marketing are absolute requirements to do that effectively. Reputations don’t just spring up over night, they take strategy, expertise, and flawless execution to create. And in situations where threats to your business look prepared to derail your brand, the crisis communications service from a PR agency can quite literally make the difference between sinking and swimming.

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