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TOP is a Portland-based integrated marketing agency

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Who we are

We’re the first marketing agency in Portland to apply growth marketing principles — including the process of systematic experimentation and measurement — to all core agency disciplines.

TOP = Test + Optimize + Perform

A full-service Portland marketing agency

We help Portland companies grow at scale, from Rose City Park to Richmond

From the latest trends in digital marketing to the newest social media strategies, TOP is consistently at the forefront of emerging technology. This expertise allows us to welcome some of Portland’s most innovative companies into our offices to discuss the next big thing. Our roots are in Portland and largely the Pacific Northwest, and we take pride in the innovation that has exploded here as of late.

From day one, our partnership is based on a foundation of learning your larger brand goals, key messaging, and your audience. Through this thorough understanding, we are able to carve out a space for you in the market that will separate you from your competitors. This will allow us to think of your end audience and create specific uses cases targeted to their needs.

If you need to better understand your competitive strengths and weaknesses compared to others in your space, our team of experts exercises social media and mass media listening, conducts surveys, and runs focus groups to create the best narrative around your brand.

If you need a strategy to marry your digital marketing efforts with non-digital tactics, TOP boasts a team of SEO wizards, PPC masters, and keyword researchers who integrate efforts with our award-winning public relation team, media buyers and planners, and our full suite of creatives for an integrated, 360-degree marketing plan.

If you’re looking to drive conversions, achieve sales, or win back former customers, we create stacks of meaningful content that activate on your audiences’ deepest emotions that influence consumers and influencers to take action now. By also leveraging the power of calendar-based marketing, we can adapt our messaging to moments throughout the year that create a sense of urgency.

From Tigard, Beaverton, Eugene, and other hubs of high-performing startups outside of Portland, we apply agile principles and work in a series of “sprints” aligned to key periods. This approach allows us to scale productively, quickly, and confidently. 

These combined efforts result in an integrated marketing agency, based in Portland and operated with the same gusto of a quickly growing tech startup but with the global reach of an agency ten times our size. We’ll grab a coffee at Stumptown or another local favorite to start laying the foundation of an amazing marketing campaign.


We are full-service

7 functional groups span nearly 40 disciplines -- from branding, creative, digital, growth, and mass communications -- who work cross-functionally to integrate every effort into a cohesive strategy based around a common thread of metrics and processes.

We are data-driven

We believe everything is testable -- from PR pitches to landing pages to social media ad copy -- and we love sharing our findings with our Portland-area clients. When you look hard enough and ask the right questions, data will reveal the answers you seek. If you don't test, you can't measure, and you can't create better campaigns off of that.

We are growth-focused

We're not a traditional Portland-based marketing agency. We apply growth marketing techniques to every discipline we offer. By experimenting, measuring, and optimizing, we can climb quickly in the ranks of top Portland companies, regardless of vertical. We're so growth-focused, we named our company after it: TOP means we Test, Optimize, and Perform... responsibly.

We have global reach

Across 6 continents and 25 countries, we have created integrated marketing campaigns in some of the leading markets across the world. We're one of the few agencies in Portland -- by in large, the world -- that can focus efforts to PDX then broadcast that message to Rio de Janeiro, Paris, and Tokyo. 

We work as one team

Our team is as worldly as our approach to global execution. Working with TOP is not a series of faceless emails and pointless contacts. Our team understands your business, your market, and your specific asks, then we rally the disciplines needed to work as a cohesive team.

A marketing agency born in Portland

We love Portland brands

Every day we ask ourselves a simple question:  If a marketing agency never existed before, how would we invent it using the tools and technology of today?

With great storytelling comes a series of tests to spread that story as far as it can reach. Every day, our Portland marketing teams are A/B testing messaging across channels, analyzing key metrics, then scaling those efforts and using “winning” story ideas to surpass KPIs and ultimately, achieve more ROI. Our clients love seeing the results from our data-driven approach to every effort, creative disciplines included.

We are no strangers to cross-channel and cross-platform strategies. Step into our office, and you’ll find our video team creating viral videos for the latest social media startup, our branding team strategizing with a global CPG brand, our social media team helping a new SaaS company manage their LinkedIn presence, and our influencer team creating a campaign for a B2B business.

We live, work, and play in the Pacific Northwest — specifically Portland, but across all of greater Oregon — so there’s no chance you’ll find us stuck behind a computer screen all day. It’s too beautiful! Our experiential marketing team executes guerilla campaigns that keeps the customer at the forefront of every experience. From viral video shoots to multi-million dollar conferences at Tiffany Center, we want to amplify your on-screen experience off-screen.


What is your marketing agency’s approach to day-to-day client management for Portland brands?

Our capable account managers embody four characteristics: Proactiveness, responsiveness, flexibility, and transparency.

Through these four pillars, our account management team has created feedback loops to streamline communications with our Portland area clients and solidify our positioning as a rapid-strike agency. For example: A well-known West Coast-based cat brand sought us out to create a global activation with only two weeks' notice when another brand couldn't execute as quickly. Right out the gate, we contacted an existing sponsor with a partnership plan, mobilized our internal content studio to write scripts and shoot viral video content, edited overnight, and reported our progress each step of the way with total transparency.

How does your marketing agency collaborate with other Portland agencies?

We're team-oriented and we're Portland-oriented. We collaborate with other agencies as the lead agency, a council member, or by filling in the gaps on work. We build trust with our colleagues and have earned a reputation of being flexible as circumstances change. We work closely with our Portland-area partners then hit up happy hour at Swift Lounge or the Knock Back after work.

How do you staff your Portland marketing teams?

We hire for the person, ensuring their skill sets are staffed against our larger business initiatives. Through holistic brainstorming, breakdown of tasks, alignment on resources, and reallocation of those resources, we have streamlined our management process.

Our teams work cross-functionally and even operate in the same room to encourage collaboration on every campaign. Our disciplines know no boundaries because we're the unique hybrid agency with reach across the globe. When we work across verticals and across disciplines, we integrate your entire marketing plan and can course correct in ways other agencies cannot.

How do you respond to emerging news stories and cultural trends in Portland and beyond?

Our entire strategy is based around being timely and trend-friendly, particularly across mass and social media. Every day, our in-house data analysts, media teams, and creative folks monitor real-time data, social media listening feeds, Twitter hashtags, and news headlines to identify conversations that our clients would benefit from joining. By optimizing cross-channel, we can ladder brand messaging and larger goals back to trending conversations and course correct as needed to stay within the framework of each client's unique marketing plan.

To be on-trend is to be inspired by our surroundings. Our team enjoys trips to Portland Timbers games, happy hours at patio bars -- Solo Club, Interurban, and Departure round up a list of our favorites -- and hikes at Mount Tabor, if you can really consider it a hike. At every point in the city, you'll find team members of TOP enjoying themselves, observing and internalizing those surroundings for future use. Whether it's a new restaurant opening, a new Blue Star donut flavor, or a new beer on tap at The Loyal Legion, our team posts Slack messages that ultimately ladder back to our local Portland clients.

How do you onboard new marketing clients in greater Portland?

We kick off our partnership with a 21-day onboarding plan that is tailored to each client's unique use case and the disciplines necessary to the project. We take stock of your communication preferences -- be them via email, phone, or video conferencing tools -- and determine the best technologies to fit client needs. From there, we'll establish a cadence of meeting schedules, reporting, and assign you the perfect team that is equipped with the knowledge of your unique business model and the landscape around you to create the perfect plan of action.

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