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We have the answer to the question: How do we make marketing more efficient and more scalable?

TOP is a full-service marketing agency based in the heart of Boston.

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Who we are

In a city of firsts, we pride ourselves on being Boston's first marketing agency to apply growth marketing techniques like experimentation, measurement, and optimization to each of our agency disciplines.

TOP = Test + Optimize + Perform

An integrated marketing agency based in Boston

From Back Bay to Brighton, we help Boston companies scale faster

With roots in Boston and Cambridge — the world’s leading epicenters of education, innovation, and technology — we have the opportunity to collaborate with some of the world’s best and brightest who walk through our doors and give us a preview of the next best thing. These leaders seek us out because we are consistent early adapters of emerging technology across digital marketing and social media, but we have a finger on the pulse of the latest trends in our industry.

We start every partnership by thinking of the outcomes. We prioritize the audience that will be there at the end and center our messaging efforts to their specific needs. Whether we uncover the competitive white space that differentiates you from your competition or work with your internal brand team to align on direction, we foster an environment of collaboration.

Do you need to better understand your capacity in the market? We determine your competitive strengths and weaknesses through data analysis, social media mentions, and focus group surveys to create the best go-to-market narrative to corner the industry over your competition.

Do you need to streamline both your digital and non-digital marketing efforts to create a seamless, 360-degree marketing experience? We rally our best SEO experts, PPC strategists, and keyword researchers to work toe-to-toe with out out-of-home planners, media buyers, and creative makers to see the campaign end to end.

Do you need to drive quality leads and create more conversions? We leverage hot button moments on the calendar and sticky, emotionally driven content pieces to influence key consumers to act immediately.

We learn from the best startups across New England and, from these learnings, have created a system of agile “sprints” that allow is to align our marketing efforts to key drive periods. We match moments in our marketing plan to moments in your business plan to amplify them at scale, all the while increasing productivity and instilling confidence in the clients we work with in Boston and beyond.

The result of these partnerships has allowed us to become the Boston marketing agency that operates as a fast-growing tech startup with the heart and the experience of a best-in-class enterprise. That’s what Boston is known for, after all — fostering innovation with international flair. Let’s grab a pint (and one of those delicious pretzels) at the Harpoon taproom, or brave a Faneuil Hall haunt like Sissy K’s to discuss how we can scale the next best thing in a big, big way.


We work full-service

Boasting 7 functional groups across 35+ disciplines -- from advertising to branding, commerce to communications, digital to design -- we operate cross-functionally under a common set of processes and data-driven strategy rather than in independent silos.

We are data-friendly

In a city that prides itself on education, we love sharing our findings from the tests we run and the data we collect with our Boston clients. When we say we test everything, we mean it. PR pitches, brand messaging, social media creative: You name it, we A/B test different versions of it to find the best possible outcomes and optimize based on those findings.

We are growth-happy

Growth is a way of life at TOP -- we Test, Optimize, and Perform at scale to offer our Boston clients the first experiential marketing agency that applies growth marketing principles to every core discipline we offer. This isn't just to climb fast in the battlefield that is the booming Boston economic scene; this is to ensure that when we make something, it's aligned to an initiative that will make your business better.

We reach globally

Our work history is as storied and as internationally diverse as the population in Boston. We've worked on integrated marketing campaigns in more than 25 countries and six continents, and we have the boots on the ground in leading markets across the world to back it up. We can laser focus on efforts here at home in Beantown while optimizing that messaging for your audiences in Asia, Europe, or South America.

We are one team

From applying a global lens to our annual P&L statements to utilizing the latest technologies in distributed  collaboration so our team members across the globe feel connected at all times, we work as one cohesive team. That includes your company, when you join the TOP fold and collaborate with us. Don't expect the cookie-cutter introductory email from a team that hasn't gotten to know your unique case.

A marketing agency born in Boston

We love our Boston and Cambridge companies

Innovation is the heartbeat of Boston, as it is for us. We take every day as a new opportunity to try new things and reinvent the traditional marketing agency by introducing tools and technologies that are ahead of their time.

Across disciplines, we believe in creating compelling narratives, then testing those narratives against our larger audiences. On any given day, the team at our Boston marketing agency conducts multivariate tests against a range of key stories, headlines, and creative executions. From there, we analyze the conversion rates, determine the winning approach, and scale those efforts to surpass KPIs and achieve higher ROI. We love sharing our insights with our Boston clients so they can continue to learn from our findings for future initiatives, even beyond your partnership with TOP.

We’re privy to every channel and platform available to us as a Boston marketing agency. Whether shooting delightful stop-motion videos for an international candy brand, creating powerful static imagery for a fitness brand to test to their audiences, rebranding a hot new SaaS company’s landing pages, or executing a guerilla marketing stunt for the newest fin-tech company in town, we don’t shy away from getting our hands dirty.

Any good Bostonian knows there’s room to play beyond the computer screen — our experiential marketing team can take our efforts to the Boston Conference Center in Seaport to create an end-to-end conference experience, or create a viral marketing stunt in South Station for prime visibility. Whatever the ask may be, we keep the customer at the forefront of every campaign.


What is your marketing agency's approach to day-to-day client management for Boston brands?

By being proactive, responsive, flexible, and transparent, we have composed a system and a procedure for our account management team and the clients they interact with every day.

Together, these four principles help us create rapid feedback loops with our Boston-based clients, solidifying our status as a rapid-strike agency. We have the capacity to foster partnerships, execute creative, and find new avenues for amplifying our messaging across platforms at the drop of a hat, reporting on our progress and providing transparent feedback along the way.

How does your marketing agency collaborate with other Boston agencies?

Whether we're taking the lead, sitting on an agency council alongside another organization, or filling in the gaps where other agencies cannot fulfill a certain discipline, we've earned a reputation of being reliable, trustworthy, and flexible when collaborating with external agencies.  We understand that roles and responsibilities change often, so you can count on us to work hard alongside partners and play hard after-hours at Coogan's, Tavern in the Square, or Lincoln.

How do you staff your Boston marketing teams?

We pride ourselves on having the cream of the crop available for hire, and we leverage the best in human and technology resources to staff skill sets against key initiatives. We allocate resources and manage processes to put the best people in the right position for them.

Our various disciplines work arm-in-arm together -- often in the same room -- because we thrive in collaboration and integration. When we leverage our global experience with our local expertise, we can scale at rapid pace and course correct in ways that other agencies can't.

How do you respond to emerging news stories and cultural trends in Boston and beyond?

Thanks to new innovations that allow us to track what's happening in real time, our team of data analysts and mass media experts monitor social media feeds, news headlines, and trending topics to draw insights and steer the conversation back to our customers. Within the framework of our established marketing plan, we'll leverage your key channels to take advantage of the moments that make the most sense for your core brand messaging goals.

Being on-trend doesn't just mean joining relevant threads on Twitter or leveraging the latest news story; our team uses Boston as a source of inspiration, discovering new things every day to use in our work. Whether our team is enjoying a Fenway Frank over a Red Sox game, checking out the collections as the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum, or watching the Duck Boats circumnavigate Boston Commons, you'll find TOP team members not only enjoying themselves, but constantly observing and taking stock of usable cultural moments. We take those findings back to our team Slack channel to share new discoveries and leverage relevant moments across Boston, Brighton, Cambridge, Allston, and Brookline to add color to your campaign.

How do you onboard new Boston marketing clients?

Beginning with our 21-day onboarding plan, we rally your designated team to understand your business top to bottom. What makes your audience tick? What custom approaches can we bring to the table? We understand that every Boston client has their own unique set of needs, so we take care in establishing a cadence of communication and an adaptation of tools and technologies that fit your demands. We pride ourselves on being proactive and taking care of action long before you even need to ask.

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