TOP Influencer Marketing Agency

Relationship building with those who influence others

We can work with you customizing campaigns with impactful influencer campaigns which are not only measurable but which are also designed for long term success.

We are buzz builders.

We believe in data focused targeting strategy and an always on approach to optimize influencer selection, content and the amplification in real-time. 

We work globally.

We have teams in offices across the globe who work together to implement focused campaigns which deliver influencer partnerships that drive sales, awareness and traffic back to your designated brand assets.

We build networks.

We take a holistic approach to influencer marketing and the variety of content available. While our organic, earned-value influencer marketing programs are the quickest and most effective path to ROI, we are sensitive to the benefits of multiple content types. Each type of content fulfills a distinct role in communicating our clients’ brand messages and we optimize use of each to maximize ROI.

We go organic.

There's more to an influencer campaign than paid for strategies. We believe in building a fanbase of loyal followers through on-going influencer partnerships, timely topics, unique content and barter deals, all creating a much greater ROI than paid activity alone could ever deliver.

We ignore vanity metrics.

We love data at TOP which is why we look at the real metrics behind the headlines. We only work with influencers who deliver results.

Our Capabilities

Organic Influencer Campaigns

Our team will identify and collaborate with trusted influencers to spread conversation and content organically in a target market.

Paid Influencer Campaigns

Creating bespoke campaigns with key influencers which tap into their audience is what gets us excited and creates real results, maximizing ROI.

Celebrity Relationship Management

Celebrities in the social media age can be a great benefit for brands as we have the ability to maximize the loyal following of celebrities to promote brands and events through their channels. 

Ambassador Program Management

From A-list talent to micro influencers, we create and maintain lasting relationships that align with your brand message and goals. 

Product Trial Campaigns

We align brands and influencers to create product trial posts and reviews which help build a viral buzz across the target audience.

Hospitality Campaigns

We make sure to collaborate with the very best local or national influencers who reach the key demographic and showcase the very best that venue has to offer. 

Our Influencer agencies

Our influencer specialities get the right message to the best influencer to directly impact your customers. 

Let’s build buzz together