Influencer Marketing

World-class partnerships with guaranteed reach tailored for your niche audiences.

Our influencer specialities get the right message to the best influencers to directly impact your customers.

From A-list talent to micro-influencers, our Influencer team maintains lasting relationships that align with your brand message and goals. We have more than 5 million people in our digital properties, enabling us to deliver option after option for marketing activations and experiential campaigns, bespoke brand and influencer pairings and amplification for virtually any other channel.

The influencers we select are the quintessential personas of your target audience. They are your consumers and come with a genuine affinity for your brand. Because our influencers are genuinely interested in your product or service and they have been pre-vetted, we are able to seamlessly co-produce authentic, ownable content.

  • Organic Influencer Campaigns
  • Paid Influencer Campaigns
  • Celebrity Relationship Management
  • Ambassador Program Management
  • Product Trial Campaigns

The team at TOP is also extremely performance-driven. We dig deep to understand your truest value proposition, what sets you apart from competitors, and what value you deliver to your audience. We identify early on the metrics we must hit in order to move the needle on your overarching goals and then we swiftly turn those high-level marketing and brand objectives into a content strategy and project plan ready for realization.

We drive action forward for your brand, for our core team and for our influencer partners with alignment on program and content goals, road rules, and expectations all clearly outlined. And, our programs are extremely cross-functional and integrated. We never look at influencer marketing in a vacuum. We go beyond surface influencer marketing that draws on Instagram stories, blogs, and aggressive product pushes to develop integrated marketing campaigns that leverage influencer marketing for what it does best – amplification.

Why Hire an Influencer Marketing Agency?

Life is all about who you know and how knowing them can enrich your life and theirs. We know a lot of incredible influencers. And, we’re here to provide that access, simplify the process, add accountability and measurable results, and support with implementation. We’re also here to level-up the creativity, data-driven thinking, variety of content and quality of relationships. And, ultimately, we’re here to increase the exposure of both brand and influencer.

In fact, we work tirelessly in service of spreading your value proposition. We are committed to knowing your brand as well as you do while staying deeply immersed in our networks of influencers, media partners, experts and talent so that we might tap into them when the time comes to broadcast and share content custom made for your audiences.

And, the team at TOP really likes people and opportunities to be both creative and strategic. Our influencer marketing strategies leverage tools we’ve built and refined to standardize the management of small and large global teams of influencers and help us spot imposters. And, we operate like a teaching hospital. No matter where your internal team is on the sophistication spectrum of influencer marketing, we communicate honestly, openly and with confidence so we can serve as your humble and trusted advisors on best practices for this very human type of marketing.

How can an influencer marketing agency help your business?

We give you the ability to flex in this powerful marketing tool as needed to add more power to awareness building, to driving preference that leads to conversion, and to lead generation.  It’s like getting a vitamin b shot for growth.

What impact can adding an influencer campaign have on my existing marketing channels?

It can give a variety of human voice and soul to your brand messaging and swiftly increase your performance metrics in bursts or ongoing upward climbs.

Reach out to our influencer marketing experts now and we’ll help expose your products, services and brand to more of the right people, quickly. Get to know TOP and all that we can do for your company.

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