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TOP is an integrated marketing agency here in Charlotte

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Who we are

We're Charlotte's first marketing agency to promote growth marketing principles in testing, measuring, and optimizing to all of our core agency disciplines.

TOP = Test + Optimize + Perform

A full-service marketing agency in Charlotte

From the Ballantyne to Belmont, we help Charlotte companies market scale smarter

We enjoy a front row seat when the founders of some of Charlotte’s most innovative companies walk through our doors and give us a taste of what they’re working on. They seek us out specifically because we are ahead of the curve on the latest advancements in tech across digital, social, and mass media platforms.

From day one, we think about your business and ways that we can break through the noise in the marketplace. By carving out room in the competitive white space on our own or in tandem with your internal brand strategy team, we find new ways to broadcast your message to the most optimal audience.

We conduct in-depth competitive market research to determine your competitive strengths and weaknesses using mass media analysis, surveys, focus group research, and conducting listening across channels. We leverage these methods to create a plan of attack.

We seamlessly integrate your digital marketing efforts with those off-screen. TOP rallies offline specialists in media buying, planners, and creative directors to work toe-to-toe with PPC, SEO, and CAC expert to weave the perfect quilt of marketing expertise.

We expertly drive conversions by influencing consumers and customers to take immediate action upon interacting with our content. We specifically leverage calendar-based marketing to create psychological triggers and create emotion. 

Our partners in Charlotte but also in Raleigh, Durham, Asheville, and Columbia enjoy our systematic agile approach to workflows, in which we align our efforts to key moments in the marketing calendar in the form of “sprints”. This system fosters productivity, confidence, and the ability to course correct in the moment.

Let’s grab a coffee at Central Coffee Co. to discuss what’s coming down the pipeline. Despite having global experience on hundreds of campaigns, we have the soul of a startup that’s growing quickly and wants to collaborate with innovative organizations.


We are integrated

Across advertising, creative, digital, growth, and public relations -- among others -- we boast 35+ disciplines and over 7 functional groups for whatever service you need. Rather than working in silos, we create structure and processes based around data to create cross-functional integration.

We are driven by data

Everything is testable, even the most creative efforts. We A/B test everything from digital landing page copy to brand messaging guidelines to PR headlines to determine the proper messaging strategy. We turn around and share those insights with our Atlanta clients, who love to see the fruits of our labor on paper. If you don't test, you can't measure. If you don't measure, you can't improve and optimize.

We are growth-friendly

We're the only Charlotte marketing agency to leverage growth marketing principles across all of our disciplines. By running systematic experiments and measuring the results against every effort across the organization, we ensure that we are taking every client in the right direction. TOP doesn't stand for nothing - it means we Test, Optimize, and Perform to scale.

We create across the globe

Whether we're laser focusing our efforts within Atlanta's city limits or messaging across national borders to Istanbul, Moscow, Melbourne, and Lima, we have the expertise of an agency five times our size and a portfolio of integrated marketing campaigns in more than 25 countries and across six continents. Who wants to be our first Antarctica-based client?

We are one team

Our team transcends department borders and national borders to offer our clients a worldly and cohesive experience. Everyone on our team is familiar with our approach to project management, go-to-market execution strategies, and onboarding for client success.

A marketing agency that works and plays in Charlotte

We love Charlotte brands

If a marketing agency never existed before, how would we invent it using the tools and technology of today? We ask ourselves this question every day.

We believe that even the most creative efforts, especially great storytelling, is made even crisper with rigorous testing. We run multivariate A/B tests on every piece of key messaging and run it through our funnel to analyze conversion rates, determine the “winning” idea, and scale that across the globe in order to meet KPIs and ROI goals.

Unlike other agencies in the Charlotte area, we are channel and platform agnostic. From shooting viral videos to creating compelling graphic design, strategizing SEO tactics for landing pages to overhauling social media presences, on any given day, our team on the ground works diligently to create cohesive marketing plans across disciplines. 

Our efforts don’t end on the computer, though. Need a snappy viral guerilla marketing moment at First Ward Park? Need to strategize on presence at the next big conference that’s coming to town at Harris Convention Center? Regardless of the ask, we keep the customer or consumer experience at the forefront.


How do you approach day-to-day client management for Charlotte-based brands?

We build our account management procedure around the principles of proactivity, responsiveness, transparency, and flexibility. 

These four principles have allowed us to create a system of feedback loops that come in handy particularly when we are under the gun or on a deadline. For example: When a famous Bay Area cat brand came to us asking for help to create a global activation on only two weeks notice, we immediately reached out to a sponsor with a detailed partnership plan, created a strategic video production plan with scripts and editing processes in place, and reported our progress to the client every step of the way.

How does your Charlotte-based marketing agency collaborate with other agencies?

We collaborate with other agencies in three ways: Operating as a lead agency, serving on an agency council, or by filling in the work gaps. We start off each partnership by building trust and establishing a reputation of flexibility as circumstances change. During the work day, we put in long, hard hours to create the best possible work, but we also take a lot of pride in hitting Merchant and Trade or Rocksalt for happy hour.

How do you staff your Charlotte marketing teams?

Through a system of brainstorming, a breakdown of tasks, and an alignment and reallocation of resources, we leverage the best of human and technology resources to match skill sets with initiatives. 

We also ensure that every team member we hire has the same gusto for working cross-functionally and across disciplinary boundaries. We bring a unique hybrid strategy of localized expertise and global scalability with the ability to course correct in ways that aren't possible for other agencies.

How do you use emerging news stories and trends in your work as a Charlotte marketing agency?

By nature, today's media and social media landscapes are spontaneous, meaning you only have a moment to strike while the iron's hot. Every day, our data teams are scouring the web for the most relevant headlines, trending topics, Twitter moments, and news stories to leverage back to conversations that our clients could benefit from. We take apart the wireframe of our established marketing plans and find moments within every discipline that ladder back to what is trending, placing our clients at the forefront of what's happening now.

Part of being on-trend is finding inspiration outside of our four walls. Whether our team is getting a few giggles in on the Funny Bus, Charlotte's mobile comedy show, taking a stroll around Lake Norman, trying the latest release at Sycamore Brewing, or getting their NASCAR kicks at the racetrack or the NASCAR museum, TOP team members learn to enjoy themselves and take stock of what's what in the city. We post Slack messages to our other teammates in all departments about new discoveries and ways to best leverage them for the clients we serve in Charlotte and abroad.

How do you onboard new Charlotte marketing clients?

Beginning with a 21-day onboarding plan custom-tailored to each unique client, a process we have systematized over time, we start to take stock of our client and their needs, preferred communication methods, and collaboration styles. From there, we select the best tools, techologies, and tactics at our disposal to fit the demands of the client. This symbiotic relationship allows us to be one step ahead of our clients and act on requests they didn't even know they would have.

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