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Crisis communications is your first line of defense when threats to your business and your reputation emerge. Whether the threats arise from an internal issue or are aimed at your brand from an external source, having a thorough and considered crisis communications plan in place is the very first step toward weathering the storm. At TOP, we’ve worked through many crisis situations on behalf of our clients and have helped to mitigate the risk, change the narrative, and in many cases, help clients emerge stronger than they were before the threat.

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The most surefire way to avoid a crisis situation is to avoid one to begin with through proactive risk assessment that helps to inform communications strategies. However, not all threats can be predicted and when they arise, there are a few key components that are essential to any crisis communications plan.

The most critical component of a crisis communications plan is structuring the right team that can be mobilized immediately when a threat emerges. These include all relevant stakeholders, decision-makers, and support staff needed to respond to a crisis immediately and decisively. At TOP, we’ve helped companies put together crisis communications task forces capable of responding to risks BEFORE they become full-on crises.

We prioritize speed

The most important factor in a successful crisis communications effort is speed. News spreads faster than ever and journalists expect responses to tough questions in minutes, not hours. We make speed our number one concern in order to get out ahead of the threat.

We value coordination

We know that pulling together the right team at the right time in order to make decisions and implement them is a key component to a speedy response. We have experience creating task forces that include internal and external stakeholders with clear roles and responsibilities.

We help to create consistency across all channels

In a crisis, speaking with one, clear voice is critical. When multiple spokespeople are speaking to the media, or messages are traveling out on multiple channels, we help everyone stick to a consistent message.

We assess risk before it strikes

A good offense is the best defense and in crisis communications, nothing is more valuable than getting out ahead of a negative story. We help companies assess their risks before they become crises in order to control the narrative and win the day.

Why Hire a Crisis Communications company?

The worst time to seek out a crisis communications company is after a crisis emerges. Preparation is the most important aspect of a successful effort and the biggest value a crisis communications company can provide. In addition to helping to create a crisis comms task force, a crisis communications agency will help to craft the right messages to be deployed on every relevant channel, create written statements for c-suite and board members, provide talking points and media training for spokespeople, and use their network of journalists to ensure that not only is your brand’s side of the story heard, but that other stories break through in order to change the narrative from negative and reactionary to positive and proactive.

How Can Crisis Communications Help My Business?

Some crises are actually opportunities in disguise, offering a chance for your brand to inform and educate the public at a moment when they are paying closer attention than usual. Dowsing the landscape with information that supports the company’s efforts serves as a form of fire fighting, helping to spread the wildfire of negative news.

Preparation Yields Stronger Overall Messaging

Preparing for a crisis can help coalesce your overall messaging by making your brand highly attuned to potential threats in time to position yourself to avoid them outright. A thorough risk assessment and crisis communications strategy complete with messaging guidelines, sample statements, media training, and alternative content creation will give your brand the ability to not only respond quickly when crises occur, but to maneuver around them, and discover new and fresh messaging avenues that may be missed by your competitors.

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