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TOP is an innovative TV advertising company that grabs your customers' attention through eye-catching ads.

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TV Advertising that intrigues and excites.

TV Advertising transforms the way companies make emotional and visual connections with their audience. 

In today’s digital age, many companies wonder what place television has in marketing and advertising. With so many media outlets and streaming services available, there are many that doubt TV’s ability to reach potential customers and help them gain traction. This is where TOP excels. We use our knowledge of all things media to help leading and emerging brands use television to penetrate new markets, optimize the impressions they get, and, most importantly, help people connect with your brand through sensory experiences that only TV can offer. By combining analytics and our vast experience in traditional approaches, TOP helps your brand maximize its impact on your target audience through TV advertising.

  • Creative Development
  • Media Planning and Negotiation
  • Video Production
  • Programmatic TV Buys

Because there are so many media options available for both consumers and businesses to consume viewable content, TOP works with your brand to tell your story efficiently to a captive audience that TV provides. While many people are skeptical of ads they see on the internet and other forms of media, television remains a trusted source of truth and credibility for brands who want to make noise and showcase their brand on a local or national level.

What makes TOP’s approach unique is our deep understanding of how TV has evolved over time, and how it can be used with digital strategies that prescribe the way we extend your reach, achieve the right frequency of ads, and gain the impressions needed to generate the ROI you’re looking for in your TV advertising investment.

We take brands to virality and beyond

We write and produce memorable TV ads that engage people and inspire action.

We influence the influencers 

We have relationships with influencers from various industries that can become part of your team and promote your brand to the masses. 

We are production experts 

From storyboarding and scripts to location scouting and talent management, we handle end-to-end production to make compelling TV ads.

We focus on impact

We create multi-sensory ads that make your brand exciting and forge an emotional bond with your target audience. 

We are transparent

We work hard and smart to maximize what we can get for your TV advertising budget. 

TV Advertising that blends traditional and digital methods for maximum impact.

TOP uses TV Advertising to amplify your brand's message through viral optimized experiences that encourage action and take your company to the next level. 

Successful TV Advertising captures the attention of an audience and engages the senses to communicate what makes your company unique. You have only seconds to connect with your target customers on an emotional and intellectual level. Your message needs to not only be concise, but powerful and evocative to show that you are the best at what you do in your industry. Whether you are a scrappy startup looking to expand your presence and reach or a well-known brand looking to regain momentum through a viral ad, the TOP team brings data-driven, battle-tested methods that are sure to help you stand out.

Why TV Advertising agency?

Large enterprises and small companies alike face the same problems with their advertising efforts; they are limited in their time, resources, and skill, but they need to get their message out to a broader audience in order to grow. TOP brings a creative voice strategic recommendations based on our experience helping companies maximize their ROI without breaking the bank on TV Advertising.

Is TV Advertising still relevant today?

Between cable, satellite, and streaming services, there are more ways than ever to reach your audience through television. While many companies have shied away from traditional TV Advertising, TOP blends traditional and digital strategies to optimize your campaigns to help you go viral, reach a broader audience, or target niche customers who need what you have to offer.

What do winning TV ads look like? 

Because we know media, we know the anatomy of a successful TV Advertising campaign. TOP works with you to make your brand relatable and relevant to your audience through simple, surprising, and significant messages that clearly communicate what you have to offer.

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