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Sponsorship marketing is one of the most overlooked marketing powerhouses.

Sponsorships are one of the most important components of a well-rounded marketing effort, yet it is often overlooked in favor of other marketing channels. Simply put, sponsorship marketing is a way to tap into the popularity of certain events and market directly to their audience. Sponsorship marketing doesn’t directly promote your company or products, it aligns you with other institutions like sports and entertainment events of which your target audience are also interested in. As a full-service sponsorship marketing agency, TOP is able to provide support through ever step of the process, including:

  • Branded Event Marketing
  • Sports Sponsorship Marketing
  • Sponsored Partnership Evaluation
  • Sponsored Partnership Negotiation
  • Sponsored Brand Partnership Management

TOP’s team of sponsorship experts will help you navigate the often murky waters of sponsorship marketing to ensure that you choose the right partners and the right events to get the most return on investment possible. Collaboratively, we have decades of marketing experience and that can be brought to bear to create an entire sponsorship marketing campaign guaranteed to get results.

Sponsoring events is an excellent way to raise brand awareness and to shape consumer attitudes toward your brand. Being aligned with events such as popular music festivals or sporting events, immediately imprints your brand into the minds of your target audiences in a positive way.

Why Hire a Sponsorship Marketing company?

The process of sponsorship marketing can often be a murky one. Major events prioritize finding sponsorships in order to defray operating costs or provide new and exciting options for their audiences. As such, they’ve been doing this a long time and are very good at it. Having an experience sponsorship marketing agency in your corner advising or even representing you throughout the entire process will help you choose the right partners, negotiate well, and manage the event process in a way that ensures your brand comes out on top.

How Can Sponsorship Marketing Help My Business?

Sponsorship marketing can be an incredibly lucrative form of marketing as long as you choose the right events to sponsor with the right partners. Sponsoring a popular event aligns your brand with that event in the minds of your audience, creating positive attitudes towards your brand and building awareness. Partnering with an event outside of your typical sphere of influence can increase the reach of your marketing program and may even generate positive press coverage. All of this leads to sales conversions.

It's Great Component for CSR Campaigns

Corporate Social Responsibility Campaigns are an important part of a company’s marketing ecosystem. Giving back to the community elicits overwhelmingly positive sentiment not just in your target audience but in the general public. Sponsoring events related to charity or philanthropic organizations is an excellent way to use sponsorship marketing to advance other goals.

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