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An experiential marketing campaign must do three things in order to be great. It has to be relevant because regardless of how creative or thought-provoking the experience is, if it doesn’t reach the right people it won’t do much good. Second, it must be different. The same old experience is just that. Creating something new and unique is surprising to the audience. Finally, it has to make your audience feel something. Emotional engagement is critical to a good experience, and your audience must experience your event, campaign, or sample set on a level that goes beyond mere novelty.

Here are a few of the kinds of experiential marketing services that The TOP Agency offers:

  • Exhibitions and Conferences
  • Product Launches
  • Live Event Creation
  • Roadshows

At TOP, we are masters of all three branches of successful experiential advertising — relevance, uniqueness, and empathy. Our shorthand for it is, “simple, surprising, and significant.” This mantra is woven through everything we do for our New York City clients, whether they be scrappy startups in Dumbo or major multinationals. Our ace team has the background and expertise to meet all three goals. And we do it right here in New York, New York.

Anyone would agree that standing out in New York City’s dog-eat-dog, dynamic business scene requires serious innovation. The TOP Agency has a wealth of experience in building forward-thinking and revolutionary experiential marketing campaigns around the globe and around the corner from your local business. We optimize all aspects of your experiential campaign, from concepting and planning to execution and post-event follow-up.

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