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Our event marketing philosophy

Before creating an experience, we work with the brand to align on key messages. To break away from the crowd, our New York Experiential Marketing team places the consumer first—while drawing them to our brand vision.

We deliver value (whether that’s happiness, excitement, joy, information, or entertainment) to consumers, then use that value as a vehicle to deliver your brand message. We believe the consumer experience is a constantly evolving practice, not a single event.

Defining, mapping, and quantifying the consumer experience are crucial elements to ensure seamless integration across channels. TOP Agency employs our own copywriters, graphic designers, in-house experiential marketing, video production, survey production, data insights, and analysis teams to drive content and production and experiment when we see trends shifting.

Our experiential marketing process

Since we keep everything in-house, and we can control the process from beginning to end, it’s one of the big reasons we’re one of the top experiential marketing agencies in the city. We leverage all of our creative talents to create fantastic content for your event. Unique digital, social, and PR outreach keeps your audience engaged and excited about your brand, extending the impact of your event long after the guests leave.

Before the event, we pitch stories to the local New York media, inviting them to attend the event or share it with their audiences. We also ramp up the event on social media to get your audience excited—no matter if they’re on the opposite coast—even it’s just to tune in digitally to experience the fun.

We work lightning fast during the event to deliver real-time social media posting, customer post curation, and live-streaming. And it’s not over when the event ends—we’re still pitching to media and posting on social media to maximize your ROI.

New York NoMad district location

Our office is in NoMad, a perfect central location between Brooklyn and the Upper East Side. We’re only a couple of blocks away from major companies like Buzzfeed and Google, and venture strategists like Union Square Ventures and First Round Capital. We’ve witnessed the Silicon Alley tech boom—our neighbors are the next generation of revolutionary startups. At TOP Agency New York, we help clients of all sizes develop and execute world-class events.

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