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A quality experiential marketing campaign requires several key elements to truly achieve success. First, it has to be relevant to the target audience. If it is not reaching the audience you want to reach, how creative or thought-provoking it is becomes irrelevant. Second, you must be unique. If you haven’t made them remember your brand distinctively, you didn’t provide an experience worth creating. The most critical element is empathy. The amount of impact it takes to make a person feel something is how you create the optimal experience and is what will set you apart from other brands. Tethered to your brand’s image it will have a more lasting impression than traditional marketing.

  • Product Launches
  • Live Event Creation
  • Roadshows
  • Exhibitions and Conferences

We specialize in all three of these elements — relevance, uniqueness, and empathy. This mantra is woven through everything we do for our Boston clients whether they be scrappy startups or major multinationals. Our dedicated experiential marketing team has the background and expertise to meet all three goals. And we do it right here in Boston.

At TOP, we have mastered building forward-thinking and innovative experiential marketing campaigns not just around the corner from your Boston business, but around the globe. And we know that among Boston’s expansive business-scene, you’ve got to get pretty creative to stand-out. From concepting and planning, to execution, and post-event follow up, we optimize every aspect of the experience to create something both on-brand and on-target.

We capture content

As one of the most beloved cities in the country, Boston knows a thing or two about being creative — that whole tea thing was pretty creative. We believe that great experiences should be built to reach every relevant audience member, so we work in mass media, social media, grassroots messaging, and countless others to ensure they hear our message.

We are resourceful

There is a great deal of importance when it comes to sticking to a budget. We don’t just develop concepts, but creative solutions to ensure nothing limits your opportunity to create a unique experience for your audience.

We are creatives

Many people are creative, but it takes a deeply comprehensive understanding of experiential marketing to develop concepts that represent your brand with quality and relevance. TOP is an agency of deep thinkers, writers, designers, developers, and concepters bursting with creativity and ambition.

We activate emotions

We are dedicated to our experientials informing, enlightening, inspiring, and delighting so we work closely with our brands to deliver on every element and draw our audience into the brand vision.

Boston experiences for Boston companies

We love our Boston clients

Boston is a city with tons of history, heart, and personality. To compete here, you need to stand out in a crowded field and give the people of Boston something new and authentic. So it takes a lot for your experiential campaign to make an impression in such amazing company. At TOP we have a history creating moments that people remember for a long time. Whether you’re an established brand looking to expand, a local favorite working to build on your successes, or the new kid on the block trying to make a name for yourself, we know how to make the kind of experience that will get your brand the attention it deserves.

Partnering with TOP is like having a creative engine building unique, relevant, and empathetic experiences right in your own company. We are strategic and innovative with our concepts. And it doesn’t end there. As a full-service agency, we can create memorable experiences and broadcast them through every marketing channel to any audience.

Why hire an Boston experiential marketing agency?

Hiring a Boston-based experiential marketing agency means bringing in a partner that understands culture and creativity and how to drive your experiential marketing campaign in Boston and across the globe. We draw on complex emotions and messaging, promote brand recognition, loyalty, and value. We have experience working on every facet of modern marketing here in Boston and on a global scale. That kind of reach makes working with us an incredible value.

Experiential marketing for Boston Companies

Boston is as unique as they come. it’s fast-paced and exciting, and so are we. We move fast — really fast. Sometimes the greatest experiential marketing campaigns are the ones that seem so perfectly timed, and timely, that it borders on witchcraft. With a finger on the pulse of the city we can predict your audience’s wants before even they can. That’s experiential marketing that hits on all three of our core pillars and when you work with an experiential marketing agency from right here in Boston, you can be sure your campaign will hit all the right notes.

An Experiential Marketing Agency that lives in Boston

As a local Boston experiential marketing agency we know your business, your competition, and your customers. That’s because we’re not just an Boston agency, we’re natives who live, work, and play right here. What makes us even more unique is that we are also a global agency that can bring the wealth of knowledge and experience to your brand. When you combine a global agency with a local feel, you get quality experiential marketing campaigns that work here at home and across the globe.

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