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Los Angeles thrives on the creative, innovative minds running every business, from the tiny Mom & Pop shops to the multi-national corporations. Each has its own unique message and they rely on agencies like TOP to help them deliver that message to their customers through direct marketing. With our extensive experience in traditional and digital marketing, along with modern analytics tools, we create direct marketing schemes that delight buyers and bring them to you. The result: increased sales and stronger brand awareness.

Our modus operandi is a combination of:

  • Market Analysis
  • Marketing and Channel Strategy
  • Vertical and Industry-Specific Direct Marketing
  • Personalized CRMs
  • Response Analysis

TOP takes the time to listen to your company’s story and message so we can bring you the best direct marketing plan for your goals — and your budget. Through targeted campaigns we can create personalized approaches that offer the most value to your current and past customers, with the added benefit of building on your connections and enhancing brand loyalty. This can be done with customized coupons, free sample packets, press releases that feature your latest products and services, or even the tried and true mailer or flyer. All of this is designed to spark intrigue in your customers and motivate them to action, generating more sales leads and increasing your conversion rates.

TOP continues your direct marketing campaign by measuring reactions and responses. With the data gathered from the results we can help you strategize for future campaigns so you can break into new markets, expand your consumer base, and keep up your brand’s momentum.

Direct marketing that speaks to Los Angeles buyers

We produce direct marketing that reaches discerning Los Angeles consumers

Los Angeles-based companies thrive in the city’s progressive and eclectic culture, which encourages movers, shakers, and doers to develop their original ideas into everything from fun snack foods to ground-breaking technology arising from Silicon Beach. At TOP we work with these companies to help them reach target consumers, using direct marketing techniques that draw audiences in and thrill them.

TOP’s direct marketing team generates enjoyable and even entertaining content that shows customers why they need your products and services, holding their attention longer so they’re more likely to follow through. Along the way we monitor responses and make adjustments, always looking for ways to reach groups of unknown or overlooked consumer bases, and directing our strategy to engage them. All of our efforts are designed to entice buyers and guide them through the sales funnel as effortlessly as possible, resulting in higher revenue and new marketing data for future successful campaigns.

Why hire a Los Angeles direct marketing company?

Direct marketing is more than designing a colorful flyer to mail out or give to passersby. Effective campaigns start with market analysis that gives you an idea of your current consumer base so you can reach out to them, all while broadening your reach to other consumers who may not have heard of your offers. Working with an agency like TOP that has a local base of operations here in LA ensures your message is tailored specifically for your audience, with your unique message, so you reach your buyers more efficiently.

Direct Marketing for Los Angeles companies

When you team up with the TOP Agency, you get a team of direct marketing experts who know Los Angeles inside and out. Using the latest market data, we create content that reaches your target audience through a variety of direct marketing tactics: sample kits, mailers, email marketing, text messaging, and more. All of these methods are developed to illustrate the value of your products and services, building credibility, establishing a relationship of trust, and guiding customers to your offers.

A Direct Marketing Agency in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is home to some extremely savvy consumers, and at TOP we aim to show them how your product or service solves their problems better than your competitors. Our direct marketing team develops strategies that accomplish this by showcasing the value of your offers and the integrity of your organization. Whether it’s a content kit, branded gifts, or a customized brochure, we deliver messages that resonate with your target audience and drive them to action.

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