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Here at TOP, we collaborate with some of the best companies from all around the world. Our close-knit team of crowdfunding experts are constantly hard at work to deliver the best custom-tailored crowdfunding campaign to your company with relentless vigor and creativity. Our firm works to ensure all goals are met and then exceeded in order to guarantee long-term project prosperity. We find great success through the following services:

  • Crowdfunding Management
  • Crowdfunding Video Production
  • Crowdfunding Marketing
  • Crowdfunding Web Design
  • Online Advertising

Crowdfunding marketing is a fairly straightforward tactic, however it is also one that tends to be misunderstood. To put it simply, people utilize the Internet in order to come across your company’s campaign and — when done correctly — be inspired to invest in the formation of your company’s project. If you’re not producing revenue at the speed needed to achieve your goals, you’re falling behind any fast-acting competition.

Whether your campaign runs locally, nationally, or internationally, our agency filled with experts is able to manage all aspects of a successful campaign to ensure your company is receiving a steady and increasing flow of revenue, scaling at rapid speed, and consistently generating leads. With online and offline strategies, our award-winning experts keep our customers busy with the results they want and more.

We know crowdfunding

We know our way around a successful crowdfunding campaign and have our fingers on the pulse as trends and tactics evolve because we've supported crowdfunding efforts for big and small companies alike.

We are targeted

We raise awareness of your campaign through targeted efforts which only reach those likely to invest.

We know people

We know that you rarely get a second chance to make a first impression. In our crowdfunding campaigns, we don't act or react without a clear and thought out strategy in place in order to mitigate any negative impact.

We open pathways

Crowdfunding is all about buzz. We show you exactly how to open pathways of constant communication with the right bodies and people to generate that buzz.

Why Hire a crowdfunding firm?

One of the main benefits of hiring a crowdfunding firm is that we’re able to take care of all necessary technical and creative details and provide the footwork to drive huge and relevant traffic to your campaign page; converting that traffic into backers. While there have been examples of self-run crowdfunding campaigns doing well, those that are most likely to succeed use a trusted partner to properly choose the right funding platform, the right creative messaging, the right funding goals and incentives, and the right way to market the crowdfunding campaign itself. Unless you’re an expert in all four of those areas (and hey, maybe you are) working with a trusted partner who is should be a no-brainer.

How can crowdfunding help my business?

While the most obvious benefit of crowdfunding is raising capital to launch, grow, or expand, the secondary benefits can’t be ignored either. A successful crowdfunding campaign is like a bullhorn for your brand awareness. Raise a good amount of money and people start taking notice, regardless of whether they contribute. That brand awareness often translates to sales once your product or service fully launches into the market.

A Crowdfunding Agency with a Global Presence

Hiring and local agency with a global reach has two very distinct benefits for your crowdfunding campaign: we know you and your audience; and we know the global ecosystems that you’re looking to expand into. It should come as no surprise that when you choose a crowdfunding partner they should understand your business, your customers, your goals, and your short-comings in order to create a campaign that minimizes the negatives and dramatically expands the positives. That can only come from a local agency. But when your brand wants to make a splash globally, it is critical that your local partner know the global stage as well.

TOP is the perfect mix of both local and global. Join us at one of our many global offices and see how we can create the perfect crowdfunding campaign.

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