What is a Press release?

A press release is a document that reports a specific announcement about an event, news or other happening within a company. Often times, a press release is issued by a business and is distributed to the media for maximum distribution.

What do press releases do?

  1. Help promote a company's news to a large majority of journalists

    By issuing a press release, a company can issue it to a press release site which distributes it to a mass amount of journalists as opposed to emailing them one-by-one. Additionally, the document can be passed on between reporters and media outlets to help spread the news.

  2. It makes the information digestible

    A press release is a one page document that briefly describes what the news is and what it means for the company, media and users. It's an organized, concise message that has been approved by the company and is a quick go-to document that help summarizes the information. The most important information should be on the press release document.

  3. It helps drive media interest

    By distributing a press release to the media, it can be shared and be picked up by bloggers and journalists. Press releases are also very easy to share on social media platforms. Ultimately, it's a great way to let the media know of your news and give them enough information to peak to their interest. Sometimes, this can lead to media coverage. However, it's important to note that this is not always the case and it should not be the only method used to garner media attention.

Why do press releases matter

  1. Press Releases presents clear facts

    A press release forces a company to sit down and brainstorm what specific message or news they want to get across. This document is generally a page long, so it's important to keep it clear and concise. Most agencies have their own press release samples and templates which provide a good format for presenting the information. Before issuing the release, it's important for the company to be aligned on proper messaging and positioning.

  2. Press releases help spread the word faster

    Issuing a press release allows you to reach a bigger audience and in a faster manner. By distributing the news on a business wire, a company can control what time it goes out and to what kind of reporters. A company has much more control with reaching their targeted audience by issuing a press release.

  3. Press releases initiates a call to action

    By sharing a press release, a company is encouraging the media to take further action, as opposed to just reading the press release and putting it at the bottom of an old stack of papers. A press releases challenge a reporter to do something next — that can be scheduling an interview with a company executive to learn information or write about the news issued in the press release.