What are Free-standing Inserts?

You open a newspaper or magazine and out falls floating and unbound print advertisements. Welcome to the world of Free-standing Inserts (FSI) marketing.

How Free-standing Inserts Work

  1. Making Your Message Pop Out

    Open a magazine or newspaper these days and out pop free-standing inserts. There are a variety of FSI's, ranging in size and number of pages.

  2. Measurable and Cost Effective.

    Free-standing Inserts are easily measurable and a cost effective way to get your message across using print media.

  3. Print and Beyond

    FSI Marketing is handy for cross channel marketing. If you have a website to promote, using print inserts to drive an audience to your site is easily measurable and effective with FSI marketing.

Free-standing Inserts (FSI) Best Practices

  1. Invest in Good Writing

    FSI's are floating print ads that live in the print realm. So make sure the quality of your word is up to par.

  2. Perfect Placement

    You don't advertise a fishing rod in a ballet magazine, so know your audience and place free-standing inserts in media that attracts your audience.

  3. Make it Worth It

    As mentioned, FSI is highly measurable especially when it comes to benefits for the customer. Think about the (potential) customer is gaining by reading an FSI whether that be a coupon, announcement or drive to another medium.