What is a media tour?

A media tour is a series of face-to-face meetings between individuals, such as company executives and political candidates, and news media outlets. They are designed to build relationships with news media and generate news coverage for company or campaign activities.

How media tours work

  1. Builds relationships

    Media tours can be used to build relationships with the news media, relationships that can be valuable in furthering an organization's message or getting news coverage. Editors and reporters are more likely to turn to familiar and credible sources to get comments for news stories.

  2. Generates news coverage

    If an organization is introducing a new technology or product it might use a media tour to generate news coverage about it. Individual, face-to-face meetings with news outlets are often more effective in earning media coverage.

  3. Political campaigns

    Candidates running for office will schedule media tours to get their message out and clarify their positions on the issues. These are often conducted with editorial board members, who manage the process of selecting the candidates newspapers endorse.

Media tours best practices

  1. Relationship builders

    Media tours can be highly effective in establishing and furthering relationships with the news media. Taking the time to meet face-to-face with editors and reporters lets them know that their time and views are valued.

  2. Crisis communications

    A media tour can be an effective tool in managing a crisis. Company representatives -- preferably as senior an executive as possible, and not a PR flack -- can answer questions and help the company's side of the story out to the public.

  3. The opinion page

    If an organization is advocating for a particular issue, or for or against a piece of legislation, a media tour with editorial boards can be useful in shaping editorials and opinion pieces that can sway the opinions of legislators voters.