What is PR reach

Public relations reach measures the total number of people who see or interact with a particular communications item. It is especially relevant with the emergence of the Internet and social media, often referred to as impressions.

How PR reach works

  1. Foundational to growth

    While less precise in determining ROI as targeted marketing campaigns, reach is foundational to companies that want to grow their brand. PR strategies are selected that expand awareness of a company and the products it offers.

  2. Media impressions

    PR reach is about counting. Social media impressions and shares; viewership of a television program that mentioned a company or its products; views of a news story on an online news site or blog. A company is always wanting its PR reach numbers to increase.

  3. Measurement tools

    A number of tools are available for companies to measure PR reach. Analytics from social media sites and online news outlets, including social media mentions, consumer surveys to gauge brand awareness, and other tools are available to corporations to determine PR reach.

PR reach best practices

  1. Focus on digital

    It's easier and cheaper to measure PR reach using online analytical tools to determine depth of the reach. Followers, views, shares, and mentions can be tracked online to help brands shape and reshape their PR strategies. Social can tell companies what's working and what's not.

  2. Be bold

    Look for strategies and outlets that have the broadest reach. Leave the target marketing to the marketers and paint the PR strategy with a broad brush. PR strategy lays the foundation for the marketing and the target marketing.

  3. Integrate with marketing

    PR departments should remain in close communications with marketing to feed each other knowledge and inform PR and marketing strategies. Learnings from earned media placements can be important influencers of marketing activities.