What is a social media marketing agency?

A social media marketing agency is a creative company that develops and runs social media marketing strategies and campaigns for clients. While more traditional marketing and advertising agencies were initially handling television, radio, and print advertising strategy, social media marketing agencies were established to help clients maximize social.

How social media marketing agencies work

  1. Strategy

    Social media marketing agencies work with clients to align social media marketing strategies with business goals and overall marketing strategy. They help identify the channels that best enable clients to reach their target markets.

  2. Content

    Content is king. Social media marketing agencies produce the content that clients use to connect with key audiences over social channels. Account reps and creative talent write posts, produce videos, and create content clients use on social.

  3. Metrics and ROI

    Social media marketing agencies look at metrics to analyze ROI for social channels and social marketing campaigns. They can look at impressions and interactions with an eye toward honing strategies and boosting effectiveness of social marketing activities.

Why social media marketing agencies matter

  1. Boosts engagement

    An agency that's focused on social will boost engagement with consumers and push social channels to be more interactive with potential consumers. An agency will understand a client's challenges and point them toward a strategy that broadens reach.

  2. Saves time

    Hiring an agency allows a company to focus on what it does best -- develop and deliver products. A good agency will save its clients' time and will bring a number of creative minds to the table to develop strategy, a distinct advantage over companies trying to handle their social in-house.

  3. Beware the fly-by-nights

    Quality social media marketing agencies will produce good results, but vetting is essential. Many agencies claim to know their stuff but won't follow-through on delivering ROI.