What is app store optimization?

App store optimization, similar to search engine optimization, is the practice of increasing the search results rankings for an app in app stores such as Apple and Android.

How app store optimization works

  1. Not unlike Google

    As with searches on Google and other search engines, apps are more likely to be downloaded the higher they appear in a search in an app store. Data show search results are a major factor in determining which apps get downloaded.

  2. Primary drivers

    The title of an app and keywords used in the app description drive search results. Research into what words are being used most often in searches and monitoring competitors can be important ways to improve search performance.

  3. Reviews

    Getting reviews, and especially positive reviews, can be a key factor in search results for apps. Number of downloads plays a role as well, but both of these factors are mostly out of the app developer's control.

Why app store optimization matters

  1. The first shall be first

    Just like SEO matters for web search, app store optimization can make or break an app, especially for apps related to specialty fields or topics. Mobile users most often will pick an app that appears on the first page of search results.

  2. It's cheap

    App store optimization is one of the cheapest ways to market an app. Getting an app's title and keywords right and regularly monitoring its search performance can be more effective than any paid marketing strategy.

  3. It's targeted

    Specialty apps that are targeted to specific audiences can benefit greatly by optimizing for app store search. By understanding what the audience is looking for and its search habits, optimized app descriptions can increase the chances of the app reaching the target audience.