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How To Advertise On Reddit?

Reddit caters to millions of worldwide users, while offering plenty of opportunities to marketers. Here's how to advertise your business, products, or services on one of the coolest platforms to date.

reddit advertisement tips

With Reddit rating as one of the top 10 most popular websites on the Internet, it is undeniably an attractive avenue for advertising. On the latter note, it’s all the more reason for marketers to unlock the key on how to advertise on Reddit — sooner than later!

The site may be scary at times, and it may appear too arbitrary to construct a cohesive advertising campaign. Furthermore, because its primary objective is to introduce viewers to the most popular material at the time, Reddit members are infamously anti-marketing.

Irrespective of its obstacles, the future benefits were too enticing.

Many advertisers have been baffled by Reddit since its inception in 2005.

The user-influenced site, which emphasizes debate and community participation above content development or branding, is drastically different from other networks where businesses easily find their specialties, such as Facebook or Instagram.

While Reddit’s user-friendly platform may be too complex for small and medium-sized business marketers right now, it is still improving. However, Reddit has attempted to get more interest from marketers in recent years.

Aside from a variety of advertising options, Reddit has also added services such as video streaming and video hosting, allowing the network to develop beyond its text-based style. The app is also popular with Gen-Z and millennial consumers, who may use it to make purchase decisions later in life.

Because millions of people are actively investigating their areas of interest, Reddit Advertising is PPC’s best-kept secret. They’re your prospective consumers, and they’re a goldmine of advertising targets for organic and sponsored postings.

Why is it a big deal to advertise on Reddit?

Sure, we’ve all stumbled across Reddit in our web search frequencies. But what does it mean to marketers and to advertise on Reddit?

Reddit may appear incoherent at first look for those unfamiliar with how it functions — a cornucopia of content made more perplexing by its upvotes and downvotes, apparently random photographs and musings, disorganized connections, and unending forums.

However, a highly personalized experience lies under the surface, fueled by a lively and engaged community.

Regrettably, far too many marketers overlook Reddit. Marketers frequently dismiss Reddit for the wrong reasons and are scared by taking the initial step. After all, it takes a lot of effort to gain the trust of the Reddit community. That is why, as an advertiser, simply ignoring Reddit is a sure way to fail.

Yes, learning and excelling on a new platform takes time and effort. Reddit is one of those things worth experiencing.

Let’s check out this guide to Reddit Ads and how to advertise on Reddit.

An Introduction To Reddit & Its Basic Functionality

Reddit is a social media platform and resource submission website utilized by millions of people. Members, or “Redditors,” create and curate material, then share in distinct “subreddits” or specialized communities. Text, links, photos, and video can all be used as user content.

Redditors respond to uploaded material by voting, with an “Upvote” increasing exposure and a “downvote” decreasing visibility. Reddit’s algorithm also examines all of its upvoted content to highlight trending topics on the site’s main page.

Reddit provides personalized browsing experiences since users may pick information based only on their own interests, which is a fantastic potential for Reddit advertising. Users subscribe to subreddits to keep up with all the activity and material for that specific community.

Reddit has a sizable and active readership. According to Alexa Topsites 2019 data, Reddit’s daily time spent on the website was 76% higher than the top 10 trafficked websites, plus daily page views per visitor were near 3x those on Facebook.

From an advertising perspective, in comparison to Google and other platforms, advertisers do not have to make informed assumptions about user interests because Redditors openly share this information on the Internet.

Marketers may build content and incentives for quality organic and promoted posts once they know where their audience is. Advertisers will find it much simpler to discover and reach their ideal audience due to this.

To further prepare you for your latest marketing venture, so you know how to advertise on Reddit, let’s look at 5 stats that only speak in favor of the argument!

With user numbers like this and a killer web presence, there’s no question why Reddit is the next advertising hotspot.

With just a few essential pointers around the guide to Reddit Ads and how to advertise on Reddit, allow this article to be your reason to kick start the journey right now!https://www.redditinc.com/

How To Advertise On Reddit

While Reddit has a significant number of active users, its ad revenue pales compared to other social networking sites.

In 2018, Reddit’s ad income was under $100 million, whereas Twitter’s was $655 million! This implies that ad competition is minimal and stock is cheap – two strong reasons why advertisers receive more bang for their dollars on Facebook than on other social media platforms.

Reddit separates users by providing communities for almost anything under the sun, making it simple for marketers to determine who to target.

If you choose to run a sponsored ad, you may target by interest category and particular subreddits.

1. How To Advertise On Reddit Through Sub-Level Targeting

Individual subreddits are the most direct approach to contacting a highly relevant community on Reddit. This implies you get to pick which subreddits your ad will display. As previously said, there are over 1.2 million subreddits. Therefore there are several opportunities to market on Reddit.

For example, if you want to market a craft beer, you can quickly identify target consumers via subreddits such as CraftBeer and HomeBrewing. The site makes it that much easier to identify active subreddits by allowing you to explore communities alphabetically by name or using the search box to find subreddits linked to a specific subject.

Reddit will also highlight “emerging” forums that are gaining members, increasing engagement, or are otherwise interesting.

Targeting particular subreddits assures you are reaching the proper specialized demographic and that your product or service is highly relevant to the society that sees your ad. It also allows you to interact more effectively with the audience when they reply to/engage with your ad.

The negative is that your views and impact will be severely limited because your advert may only appear in a few subreddits.

  • Avoid broad, popular subreddits with many subscribers, such as r/cats or r/funny
  • Look for subreddits with at least 5,000 followers and at least 100 daily views
  • Don’t depend on Reddit’s search engine to identify groups; instead, use resources like Google or Redditlist.com

2. Interest Based Targeting

Interest targeting is the other essential targeting approach on Reddit. Interest targeting serves adverts to users based on their site surfing patterns and the sorts of subreddits they frequently read.

For example, if you browse r/LonghornNation, you will undoubtedly be put in the “Sports” interest category, even if you don’t actively subscribe to that subreddit.

The Reddit ad platform offers a pre-defined list of hobbies, such as Entertainment, Tourism, and Beauty & Fashion.

Note that interest targeting matches your ad to the person based on the interests classifications Reddit has assigned to them instead of the content they are now reading.

In other terms, if you target the “Beauty & Fashion” interest area, your ad may display to someone who is now reading a puppy subreddit. This is because the user has previously read fashion-related subreddits.

The benefit of interest targeting is that it broadens your reach throughout the Reddit site. Because your advertising can appear numerous times to the same person across several subreddits, they are more likely to be seen.

So how do we summarize the technicalities involved in how to advertise on Reddit? Keep these essential points in mind:

a) Determine subreddit subjects that are relevant to your target audience

If you want to try such a strategy for yourself, you should start by finding subreddits that may assist create true relationships between your business and your target demographic. Make a list of what your target audience is most interested in.

Afterward, refine your selection by looking at how many subscribers each subreddit subject has, how active it is, and if self-promotion or sharing information is permitted on the subreddit topic.

b) Start interacting with your subreddit communities

Once you’ve compiled a list of subreddits that are likely to interest your target audience, it’s time to begin connecting with those communities.

However, you mustn’t begin by marketing your own material.

Start by upvoting other entries that you find intriguing and that correlate nicely with your brand to establish a sense of trust and true connection. Next, distribute helpful stuff, but not your own. Instead, share fascinating things from other media sites or blogs that you feel would benefit your subreddit group.

c) Marketing your own material on subreddit platforms, whether paid or unpaid

Paid marketing on Reddit is easy. As explained in many of our blog posts, paid media isn’t too complicated to figure out since most of the techniques are running on auto-pilot.

Free marketing on Reddit an entirely different thing altogether. While the platform promises millions of views, alongside an active user-base, there’s always a chance of messing things up.

Plus, Reddit communities are brutally honest with their feedback. Therefore, invasive advertisement, repeated mentions of your brand or services and comment hijacking is despised like a plague.

In other words, avoid doing that.

Be consistent in your approach, and always fall back on data driven metrics to see whether your ads are performing well on Reddit.

Is It Worth Advertising On Reddit In 2022?


Reddit is a one-of-a-kind social site that provides unique features that cannot be found elsewhere. Reddit marketing is a low-funnel traffic source with a highly engaged audience and incredibly targeted targeting. It’s a dream come true for PPC marketers, and it also provides an excellent chance for organic advertising.

It becomes problematic that marketers, more than other digital platforms, need to have a thorough grasp of the site and its consumers. Every subreddit has its own set of rules and culture. Without a clear idea of where an ad will appear, the community may react adversely, limiting the ad’s efficacy.

You may reach a whole new audience by using this popular platform and targeting subreddits or hobbies. Because of Reddit’s vast, self-segmented, and highly active user base, it’s an ideal marketing opportunity for businesses to talk directly to their target demographic.

Using the platform to successfully sell oneself and engage with others necessitates a focus on authenticity. By generating organic postings and according to the regulations, you can ensure that you provide users with the material they are looking for and learn about what they want.

If done correctly, your choice to advertise on Reddit may put your business ahead of your target audience!

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