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4 Amazing Examples of PR Tactics and Strategies that Work Uniformly Across Verticals

Any Public Relations campaign is a combination of stellar pr tactics and strategies that your company needs to focus on. Here's why experts suggest using these strategies on the get go.

When we talk about public relations, the terminology encapsulates a bunch of PR tactics and strategies that have to be taken into account. Depending on your business, you might end up using the full range of these different public relations tactics and strategies. Alternatively, for many companies, the full use of PR strategies isn’t needed until the business has scaled over a few years or so.

Regardless of what type of approach you adopt in terms of public relations, almost 59% of public relations professionals predict that the new technology will affect businesses for good.

By now, we know that having a bunch of different PR tactics on hand can be extremely beneficial to whatever business you’re currently running.

On a related note, this post highlights some of the best PR tactics and strategies that you will need for your business to scale, expand, and manage everything. Some of the PR tactics encapsulate different verticals, such as:

Sending out pitches to journalists at the right time. Also, making sure that you only contact relevant journalists to help maintain the scope of your story and relevance to your brand.

Hiring creative writers and professionals who know how to handle different verticals of public relations tactics and strategies.

Making sure that you get coverage on different platforms alluding to media, internet – so on and so forth.

What Are The Key Functions of Public Relations?

key functions of public relations, public relations functions essential to your business

Speaking of Public Relations’ key functions, we recently published an in-depth guide for anyone looking to get detailed insight on what these functions encapsulate.

However, the gist of those public relations functions is appended below for your reference.

1. Developing Campaigns and Strategies

In order to run public relations campaigns and benefit from their full potential, you’re going to need assistance from a professional public relations firm. Whether you hire that firm or not, that’s entirely up to you. But, make sure that you have consulted with a well-versed PR agency.

Why is that so?

To answer your question, we’d say that there are tons of simultaneous processes that make up for a “proper” public relations campaign.

  • Think about running and managing your social media pages for the company;
  • Running legit PR stunts to get featured in media news, online platforms and vice versa;
  • Collaborating with potential partners for advertisement;
  • Social media influencer campaigns that you should be running on the side to attract referral clients;
  • Having events, participating in philanthropic activities, and playing your role in public welfare work, etc. is all too important.

These campaigns eventually have a profound and overwhelmingly positive effect on the company’s reputation, bond factor, and overall clientele. But, in order to run all these processes, you need a bunch of people to delegate tasks to, and handle activities accordingly.

Take all of the information stated above as more of a general refresher. You’ll find tons of other interesting things related to PR tactics and strategies as we proceed to dig deeper.

2. Relationship Management

Managing relations is another aspect of public relations functions. Contextually speaking, the term: “relationship management” in PR lingo relates to strengthening bonds with investors, journalists, bloggers, and your clients.

For each sub category of relationship management under the public relations platform, there are processes that are designed to handle these activities. Start small and scale as you move on.

3. Social Media Presence

These days, brands are known for maintaining a strong social media presence on different platforms. It helps them to stay connected with their audience and keep everyone in the loop at the same time. Also, if your firm experiences a public relations crisis, social media platforms are a great way of correcting the narrative and taking control of the situation.

4. Writing Speeches & Content

pr tactics and strategies, speech as part of pr tactics and strategies, public relations tactics and strategies 2021

Both of these are two interrelated functions of PR, where copywriters are trained to create content in a specific tone.

PR content creators have to be creative, adept, and well-versed in business writing. Speeches aren’t frequently needed by company executives, but given that there’s an upcoming welfare event where someone has to speak on behalf of the business, a PR-oriented speech is mandated.

Also, PR content has a very neutral tone to maintain everything according to the decorum of the business. This is one of the main reasons that you can’t just hire any content writer from the internet. You need experts to take care of anything that goes in writing and gets delivered to the public.

4 Best Examples of PR Tactics and Strategies That Work

Having mentioned some of the common PR functions, it’s time to take a look at some of the best PR tactics and strategies known for helping businesses in different industries.

Feel free to improvise and adapt to different changes in order to get optimal results from your ongoing public relations campaigns.

1. Creating Controversy Around Your Brand

pr tactics and strategies, speech as part of pr tactics and strategies, public relations tactics and strategies 2021

Creating controversy is sometimes part of PR campaigns that often help to win over the audience. However, it’s a risky strategy that needs to be carefully planned and executed.

So, the question is, what kind of PR content constitutes a controversial PR tactic. A good example would be Basecamp’s ‘Hey’ email service campaign. They wanted to redefine everything about conventional email practices in an attempt to make the process fun again.

Aside from the following copy, Basecamp’s public relations team stormed different online platforms where people loved the idea of the application. They received the deserved media attention eventually.

Additional Resources

2. Getting In Touch with Social Media Influencers

pr tactics and strategies, speech as part of pr tactics and strategies, public relations tactics and strategies 2021

Over time, we have emphasized on the importance of collaborating with social media influencers through a bunch of blog posts on our website. In one of their stellar write-ups, people from ‘Expert Voice’ said that 92% of the people are more likely to trust those people on social media who appear to have some kind of authority/influence.

Since 2014, influencer marketing has undergone a phenomenal growth spectrum, while also creating tons of business opportunities for companies. Influencers are creative; they have a say in the online world, and they affect people’s buying behavior.

Experts from ‘Tomoson.Com’ stated that 50% – 55% companies are more than likely to spend a major portion of their marketing budget on influencer marketing campaigns. The answer is simple: influencer marketing garners better results, and works phenomenally well when it’s part of the general PR tactics and strategies.

3. Press Releases & Newsworthy Content

pr tactics and strategies, speech as part of pr tactics and strategies, public relations tactics and strategies 2021

Press releases date back to 1906 after a train wreck incident in New Jersey claimed the lives of 50 people. On top of that, a recent Nielsen Group study suggests that almost 92% of the consumers on the internet trust news content when it is featured in magazines, at authority blogs and news publications.

By creating press releases and distributing them through different online news agencies, you are creating awareness about your brand or any upcoming changes. If it’s a product launch, the press releases can provide specifics into the date, and what people should expect from your product whenever it’s released.

Press releases are still very much in trend; they’re relevant and they are part of the PR tactics and strategies to impact the overall profitability for any business.

However, the success of press releases depends on high quality content, and the media agency that’s going to handle PR distribution. You cannot compromise on any of these verticals if you are looking to create brand awareness through legit online platforms.

4. Local TV News & Media Coverage

Moving on with our PR tactics and strategies, the next one on the list is specific content created for media outlets. Probably, you already have your eyes set on media coverage, but don’t know how to approach the media respondents, or get journalists to feature your brand on a news platform.

Unfortunately, it is not that easy to get coverage in national media. Start off by focusing on getting your story on local news – and that too, through value driven content. On local news platforms, the competition is slightly less, and you don’t have to have an extraordinary story to get under the spotlight.

Regardless of whether you are targeting local, national or online media, you will get noticed. Given that your product, story, or brand’s USPs are relevant and interesting enough, people will keep coming back to you more. Send pitches to magazines, TVs, online outlets and run paid media campaigns to see how things pan out on a larger scale.

Putting It All Together

At the end of the day, PR tactics and strategies are all about adopting the right approach. If it is your first time running a PR campaign, we recommend getting in touch with a professional PR firm that’s using a unique public relations strategy and modern tools on the side.

If you want to see how PR at TOP Agency works, we’d love to walk you through the entire process. We don’t just move the needle, we control it!

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