March 25, 2020 - TOP Digital

SVG Can Do That?!: Generating Custom Web Graphics

Graphics make or break a webpage. But if you make them wrong, graphics become static blocks that wont adjust and can't be adapted. We need graphics that can adapt to content relative to the page and be flexible to grow with growing needs of a site. How can we make graphics that are unique to different pages without having multiple images?

February 14, 2020 - TOP Digital

How we maintain a 100% Community Management Response Rate

Laffy Taffy has been a household name in the candy industry for over 50 years, but they only just made their arrival into the digital landscape at the beginning of 2019. We needed to quickly gain awareness in a big way for one of Laffy Taffy's most contentious flavors during the brand's unveiling to social media.

February 14, 2020 - PR Hacker

How We Used Social Media to Launch A Major CPG Brand

After Ferrara acquired the Laffy Taffy brand, they needed to bring it into the digital arena while staying true to the brand promise: bringing families together through small bites of delight. When TOP was challenged with establishing Laffy Taffy's media presence, we quickly realized that a visual identity had to be established that would let the brand's true personality shine through.

January 31, 2020 - TOP Digital

How We Got 15 Million Impressions For Almost Nothing

School sports fundraising is a challenge not just for the athletes and coaches, but for the parents and family of the kids involved. Flipgive offers an easy solution and does well in its home country of Canada, but needed to get their name and what they do out in front of parents and schools in the United States. How could we target the right audience and get a great ROI?

January 30, 2020 - PR Hacker

Top 10 Beauty Journalists

The world of beauty has been turned on its head this year. From the cult of Glossier to the absolutely meteoric rise of beauty influencer Shane Dawson and the eye-shadow pallet that broke the internet, it's been a year of the unexpected. The reporters we are honoring have their fingers on the pulse of the beauty industry and are responsible for creating some of the years leading trends.