How We Got 15 Million Impressions For Almost Nothing

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The Business Challenge:

School sports fundraising is a challenge not just for the athletes and coaches, but for the parents and family of the kids involved. FlipGive offers an easy solution and does well in its home country of Canada, but needed to get their name and what they do out in front of parents and schools in the United States. How could we target the right audience and get a great ROI?

Case Study:

FlipGive had already helped schools to raise millions of dollars through its partnerships with brands like Target, and Apple. Their services have helped sport teams of every level, and across multiple age groups raise millions of dollars. They can partner across multiple sports from the standard baseball, hockey and football, to teams of swimmers, equestrians and Quidditch players using the app. 

After slowly making headway into the US market, with many teams seeing a ton of success with their programs, they needed a big push to carry them through the end of the year, Flipgive turned to us to provide that push.

  1. A Social Push With A Targeted Audience

    We partnered with some parenting Influencers who would co-host a FlipGive Twitter Party. The party would last for 30 minutes and in that time, the brand would push some of their key messages while also encouraging organic conversation around the hardships of traditional fundraising. The partners would support the brand, tweeting and retweeting the messages to their devoted audience of parents. This created an authentic experience that drove brand messaging and connected with consumers.

  2. Friendly Outreach

    Having run dozens of similar programs, we identified social contributors in both physical areas and areas of interest. Leading up to the Twitter Party we reached out to those people with an invite as well as promoting the event on social channels and on the social channels of our parenting Influencers. Activating those key individuals provided a series of launch points where the promotions were shared. By reaching out to an already activated network we were able to achieve FlipGive’s goal quickly. Look for opportunities to leverage partners that already align with your brand to save time.

  3. Leveraging Our Community

    With over a decade of experience, face to face interactions, conference leadership and personal friendships, we have established a second to none community of Parenting Influencers who we partner with for targeted brand activations, and for whom we provide valuable resources. By alerting them to the Twitter Party and the chance for someone in their audience to win prizes, we were able to amplify our reach to parents across the United States. We expanded the brands presence by going beyond their core audience and introducing new messages.

When the dust settled on the Twitter Party, we had gained over 15,000,000 impressions for the brand, had focused key messaging directly to the audience they needed. Helping introduce FlipGive to people in all 50 states for about $400 in prizes. It doesn’t take much to motivate an active audience, look for quick wins with high ROI. 

And that’s how we did it.