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From Gastown to Yaletown, we scale influencer marketing efforts across Vancouver

Vancouver has long since been a pillar of diversity, innovation, and culture on Canada’s west coast. When you’re bustling at that capacity, ideas spread quicker than lightning. TOP has capitalized on this momentum by accelerating word-of-mouth buzz, shares on social media, and increased visibility online and offline of your product, service, or brand by leveraging the benefits of influencer marketing.

The team of TOP influencer marketing managers, data analysts, market researchers, and creative moguls collaborate to ensure success of your next influencer campaign. Whether we find local Vancouver influencers, or up the Sea-to-Sky highway in Whisler, our team pulls off campaigns here at home or at national and global scale. By discovering, vetting, working with, and tracking our influencers, we can work at the pace of an early-stage startup but show the results of a global agency that has conducted thousands of influencer campaigns all over the world.

We target key influencers such as:

  • – Influential bloggers
    – Product review influencers
    – Social media influencers
    – Celebrity influencers
    – Subject matter experts
    – Influential journalists
    – Influential analysts

Like a well-rounded social program, TOP believes in using both organic and paid strategies for your influencer program. We foster relationships with influencers that are built on trust and benefit for both parties, and we track those influencers, from Burnaby to Richmond to Surrey, using a proprietary CRM that allows us to check in, communicate, and offer benefits to those in our network.

From Kitsilano to Kerrisdale to Killarney, our influencer network is strong in Vancouver but it spans worldwide. This wide-ranging group allows us to source within our own network and find the perfect match for your brand. We can also deliver on ROI by determining need state, target messaging, SEO opportunities, and moments for link optimization.

Our Canadian influencer engine is in Vancouver

We love Vancouver influencer marketing

At the crossroads of diversity, history, and culture, Vancouver’s bustling scene makes it the perfect location to leverage influencer marketing capabilities. From Stanley Park to Granville Island over to Hastings, we have our finger on the pulse of local, national, and global conversation that feels authentic and natural to Vancouver.

Through a series of discovery activities, performed in-person at our Vancouver office or remotely in locations around the world, we’ll help you better understand the perfect mix of influencers for your campaign and how to create campaigns that generate tangible ROI.

If we didn’t address something above, let us know. We want to answer your toughest influencer marketing questions.

Why Hire a Vancouver Influencer Marketing Agency?

Who knows Vancouver better than a Vancouverite? A brand influencer marketing agency based here helps you build social buzz, engagement on relevant channels, and support for grassroots efforts in fields like family, lifestyle, beauty, electronics, finance, and much, much more. We start identifying key brand messaging from day one by creating a matrix with elements of your brand’s unique value propositions, then map those key brand messages to specific aspects in our larger influencer strategy and the campaigns we run. Not only do we run globally renowned influencer campaigns, we understand the marketing-sales funnel from the top down.

We Use Influencer Marketing Blueprints to Foster Creativity

Our creative process is made scalable, efficient, and effective through use of influencer blueprints. The team at TOP has develops and utilizes a system of methodical blueprints, proven time and time again to engage influencers and their respective audiences. With names like “Challenge”, “Scavenger” and “Local View”, we create different use cases for every influencer and every campaign to create a creative framework and define key metrics to measure against. Our team knows the precise formula for execution for each blueprint, so we have spare time to focus on more strategic brand messaging and opportunities for content optimization.

A Vancouver Influencer Marketing Agency That Uses the Power of Data

Data has legs in everything we do at TOP. We first use a proprietary system to evaluate influencers on key metric; audience engagement, engagement rate, and fit for the campaign, for example. We then create content using in-house data research and survey capabilities to provide influencers with insights they can use in their posts. Finally, we track the results of our campaign beyond just social metrics. Using our technology, we can determine brand awareness lift, clicks to relevant webpages, and in-store visits and purchases.

Sound good? We think so, too. We can’t wait to launch or relaunch the next great Vancouver influencer marketing program to scale.

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