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From Old City to Center City, we scale Philly influencer marketing

Philadelphia is one of the most historic yet modern and innovative companies in the nation. Here, ideas spread at lightning speed due to its positioning at the forefront of advancements in tech and culture. We can accelerate the buzz, social sharing, and word-of-mouth recommendations surrounding your product, brand, or service by leveraging influencers. They don’t tell, they show, value in a genuine way.

The team at TOP rallies a team of influencer managers, creative directors, and market researchers who ensure the success of your campaign within greater Philadelphia and beyond. Whether you need something locally sound and engaging to your Philly market, or you’re looking to scale globally with a major influencer plan, our influencer team will work with sourced influencers to create compelling campaigns and measure their performance on a number of metrics. The tenacity of a tech startup with the credentials of a company ten times our size allow us to host thousands of influencer campaigns all over the world.

We target key influencers such as:

  • – Influential bloggers
    – Product review influencers
    – Social media influencers
    – Celebrity influencers
    – Subject matter experts
    – Influential journalists
    – Influential analysts

Much like a thorough social strategy, influencer plans work best when they leverage both organic and paid efforts. We choose to take this approach while building relationships with our influencer network; those relationships are built on trust and mutual benefit. We use a proprietary CRM to track our influencers and cultivate relationships through consistent check-ins, conversation, and collaboration… plus a few ‘surprise and delight’ benefits here and there.

Our network casts a wide net across Philadelphia, King of Prussia, and Cherry Hill, but it extends across the globe. Thanks to this massive pool, we have the opportunity to find the perfect match for your brand, your needs, and your specific campaign goals. We can also focus choices by need state, target messaging, link optimization, and SEO traffic.

We have a Philly-based network that spans globally

With over 3,500 influencers at our disposal in our own proprietary network, we have influencers in any vertical you'd need. Food and drink? Sure. Parenting? Absolutely. Consumer handheld electronics? You bet. And, we can source hundreds more influencers outside of our own for your campaign.

We make more for less

Like a good rookie on the Phillies, we find those who are undervalued comparatively to their reach and engagement rate. When we group influencers together, we field an amazing influencer team without having to pay top-rate price tag.

We create and maintain relationships

Influencer marketing is most successful when the transaction is put aside and the relationship is at the forefront of the effort. We create and maintain relationships with influencers across Bucks, Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, Delaware, and Montgomery counties to convert them into meaningful brand advocates.

We score quantitatively and qualitatively

Using metrics like audience engagement, reach, and size, as well as more holistic ones like visual appeal, topic authority, and emotional connection, we can determine clear ROI not only locally in Philly but across the U.S. the the world.

Our influencer engine drives in Philly

We love Pennsylvania influencer marketing

As one of the epicenters of American history and diversity, Philadelphia is a wondeful canvas for marketing efforts, particularly influencer. Whether you go from Fishtown to Chinatown, or you stroll the storied streets of Rittenhouse Square, we create campaigns that are relevant to conversations here at home in Philadelphia, as well as those taking place nationally and globally.

We’ll determine measures of success and discover the optimal mix of influencers during a series of activities hosted in person or remotely wuth the TOP team. That way, you’ll understand how your program can come together to generate exponential return on investment.

If there’s something we haven’t cleared up above, please let us know. We want to answer your toughest influencer marketing questions.

Why Hire a Philly-based Influencer Marketing Agency?

Nobody has their finger on the pulse of what’s happening locally more so than those who live, work, and play in Philadelphia. We know the best ways to scale local buzz, social engagement, and other marketing efforts in fields like lifestyle, family, food, beauty, electronics, and consumer goods, among others. We also kick off brand messaging creation from day one by taking stock of your unique value propositions and creating a matrix of them from which to derive key brand messages and points your influencers can touch on. We’re not just an influencer engine, we’re a marketing engine.

Why Use Influencer Marketing Blueprints to Scale Creativity?

We scale the creative process efficiently and effectively thanks to our reliable system of influencer blueprints. These creative frameworks are designed to approach creative work using a series of steps that can be replicated and optimized to be successful in every campaign. From our “challenge blueprint” that depicts your product or service in real-world situations to the “local view” blueprint that gives your product or service a personal voice or a use case, the fundamentals of these blueprints are engrained in the mind of our team. They can free up time and focus to help you better streamline creative and strategic brand messaging within the framework of these blueprints.

A Philly Influencer Marketing Agency That Leverages the Power of Data

Data drives all of our efforts, influencer marketing channels included. We first use proprietary technology to evaluate our influencers based on a number of key metrics like audience engagement rate and connection to audience. We then use in-house surveys and market research efforts to create talking points that our influencers can feature in their posts. Finally, we track success beyond simple social metrics; we determine a lift in brand awareness, domain authority, and in-store visits, if applicable.

Come visit or we’ll jump on the phone.  We’re ready to launch or relaunch your next great Philadelphia influencer marketing campaign.

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