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When you’re based in the center of the world that is New York — a city unlike any other; on the forefront of culture, art, technology, and finance — ideas can spread fast, like New York minute fast. We can amplify your word-of-mouth buzz, supercharge your social sharing, and accelerate the viral velocity of your product, service, or brand by leveraging the power of influencers to “show not tell” in an authentic and engaging way.

The TOP team knows New York and its influencers. Our marketing managers, market researchers, and creatives align daily to ensure that your next NY influencer campaign — from Wall Street to Soho and beyond — is a massive success. Whether you need local influencer marketing services for one-off projects within the five boroughs or a complete influencer plan at a national or global scale spearheaded from the greatest city on Earth, our influencer team knows how to discover, vet, collaborate with, and track influencers at scale. Better yet, we work with the speed and drive of a NYC startup with the strategic resources of an NYC global agency.

We target key influencers such as:

  • – Influential bloggers
    – Product review influencers
    – Social media influencers
    – Celebrity influencers
    – Subject matter experts
    – Influential journalists
    – Influential analysts

Much like a successful social media campaign, at TOP, we believe there are two approaches to a great influencer campaign: paid and organic. The relationships we have built with our influencers are on a bedrock of trust and mutual benefit. But they always ladder back to ensuring that the people we work with are doing their best for our clients. We do this through our proprietary CRM, making sure that we are always building relationships with monthly check-ins, public comments to posts, and surprise and delight benefits.

We have a wide-ranging influencer network across the five borough, Long Island, Jersey, Connecticut, and the rest of the tri-state area. With this wide network we can identify and contract the perfect rep for your brand. We focus on need states, targeting message content and format, and optimizing links and traffic for SEO in order to deliver an ROI that your brand will love.

Our influencer engine was built in NYC

We love Big Apple influencer marketing

There are few places in the world as dynamic and diverse as New York City. As such, its an amazing canvas for our influencer network to work on. We love creating campaigns for companies from Hell’s Kitchen to Park Slope, that show that NYC brands have their finger on the pulse of local, regional, national, and global cultural conversations.

We will take you through a series of discovery activities that help us understand your business and help you understand where you business could be headed. Then we identify the right influencers for your brand, campaign, or activation, in order to generate high multiples of return on investment.

Got something on your mind that we didn’t address above?  Let us know your toughest influencer marketing questions.

Why Hire an NYC Influencer Marketing Agency?

With the right New York City brand influencer marketing agency your brand will build buzz, social engagement, grassroots support across multiple verticals like travel, family, business, personal finance, the arts, beauty, fashion, and much, much more. From the moment we take you on as a client we’re getting steeped in your brand. We create a matrix with each element of your unique selling proposition and map those key brand messages to specific aspects of our influencer strategy. We understand the sales funnel from beginning to end, a key factor that differentiates us from other agencies.

Using Influencer Marketing Blueprints to Scale Creativity

We’ve developed influencer blueprints that make our creative process more efficient, effective, and scalable. Each blueprint represents a proven and 
systematic methodology for engaging influencers and their audiences.

The point of the blueprint is to take the learnings from thousands of campaigns and distilled them down into creative approaches that are replicable and optimized to reach the desired results. For instance, if you wanted to motivate influencers to use your product, we’d use the “challenge” blueprint to incentivize them. Or maybe you want to create an interactive experience for influencers to play through: the “scavenger” blueprint would fit in nicely. The point being that because the fundamentals for each blueprint are already codified, our team knows the exact formula, freeing us up to focus on creative and strategic brand messaging.

A New York City Influencer Marketing Agency That Believes in the Power of Data

Data powers everything we do and use it in a myriad of was throughout the influencer marketing channel. First, we evaluate through our proprietary system to assign values to each influencer based on key metrics like audience engagement, size, and fit.  Then we ideate content for influencer programs using our in-house survey and market research capabilities — seeding influencers with interesting data with which to build their own contributions. Finally, we track everything from reach to impressions to overall brand impact on lift, SEO domain authority, web traffic, conversions, etc.

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