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Boston is at the forefront of the nation’s technology, education, and culture. When you’re based in a place like that, ideas can spread at rapid pace. By leveraging the power of influencers to promote your product in an authentic, engaging way, we can raise word-of-mouth buzz and social shares by highlighting your product, service or brand by using influencers to “show, not tell”.

Our team of influencer marketing managers, market researchers, and creative gurus at TOP work hard to ensure the success of your next influencer marketing campaign, be it in Boston, on the Cape, or elsewhere in Massachusetts. For one-off projects, a local marketing campaign, or a massive influencer plan to national or global scale, our influencer team knows how to source, vet, collaborate, and report on influencers for your specific needs. We’ve got the heart of a Boston startup with the resources of a global agency that has conducted influencer campaigns across the world.

We target key influencers such as:

  • – Influential bloggers
    – Product review influencers
    – Social media influencers
    – Celebrity influencers
    – Subject matter experts
    – Influential journalists
    – Influential analysts

Much like your social media strategy, the team at TOP knows the power of utilizing both organic and paid efforts for an influencer program. We foster relationships with influencers based on mutual benefit and trust. Using our proprietary CRM, we can check in monthly with our Boston-based influencers — from Allston to Alewife — to ensure we’re cultivating our relationships through public comments on posts and ‘surprise and delight’ benefits.

Across Boston, Waltham, Wrentham, even down to Providence and up through Nashua, our influencer network reaches high and low throughout New England but extends across the globe. This massive stock of influencers allows to find the perfect match for your brand and create ROI by segmenting influencer focus by need, target audience, targeted messaging content, link optimization, and traffic for SEO, too.

We have an influencer network that is Boston Strong

Choose from over 3,500 influencers in our proprietary network who span every possible vertical. From parenting to lifestyle, consumer electronics to personal finance, business to food and drink, we can vet from our existing pool or introduce hundreds of others for your next campaign.

We get bang for your buck

When we source influencers, we look for those undervalued relative to their reach and engagement — like sourcing the best rookies for the Red Sox. When we group those influencers together, we can over-index on key metrics without paying the influencer price tag to do so.

We foster relationships

Influencer marketing is most successful when it drives relationships rather than a transaction. Across Boston, Brighton, Cambridge, Somerville, Newton, Waltham, Wrentham, Worcester, and Cape Cod, we transform influencer into genuine, authentic brand champions.

We score quantitatively

By tracking key metrics such as visual appeal, audience size, engagement rate, and reach, we can measure the results of campaigns precisely in New England proper, across the country, or across the world to determine return on investment.

Our influencer engine is in Boston

We love Beantown influencer marketing

Boston sits at the crossroads of education, ethnic diversity, and culture, making it the perfect canvas for our influencer efforts. Whether you start in Cambridge and head over the river into Fenway, or start a little outside in Quincy and drive down the South Shore, we love creating campaigns that have local, regional, and national connections.

In order to best understand which influencers are right for you and your campaign, TOP will take you through a series of discovery activities, performed in person or remotely in locations across the globe. This kickoff will ensure we’re creating programs that generate high ROI.

You probably have questions, and we definitely have answers. Let us know what’s on your mind, especially if it’s something we didn’t address above.

Why Hire a Boston Influencer Marketing Agency?

A Boston brand influencer marketing agency has their finger on the pulse of what can build buzz and social engagement across verticals like travel, food, beauty, family, lifestyle, electronics, and more. We also collaborate with you to create brand messaging from day one, creating a matrix with each element of your unique value proposition then mapping those key brand messages to points in the influencer strategy spectrum. We understand the entire marketing-to-sales funnel, so we can seamlessly weave influencer marketing in with your current efforts.

Scale Creativity Using Influencer Marketing Blueprints

We have developed a series of influencer blueprints to scale our creative process efficiently and effectively, each representing a proven method for engaging influencers and their audiences. Our blueprints represent a creative approach that have proven time and time again to get desired results upon optimization. The “Challenge” blueprint motivates influencers to use your product or service in the real world, while the “Scavenger” blueprint creates an interactive quest that reinforces core brand messaging. The fundamentals for each blueprint are already coded so precisely, our team knows the exact formula for execution. This allows us to focus on creative and strategic brand messaging within the framework of those blueprints.

A Boston Influencer Marketing Agency Backed by the Power of Data

Despite being a creative and influencer engine, every discipline under our umbrella uses data. For influencer efforts, we first creative a proprietary evaluation system to determine the best influencer mix based on key metrics, from audience engagement to size to fit for your campaign.  We then create content using in-house survey and market research capabilities to provide our influencers with interesting data points or nuggets of knowledge to delight their audiences with. Finally, we track the results of each campaign that go beyond just reach, impressions, and engagements. We ensure domain authority, brand awareness lift, traffic drives, and conversions, in addition to others.

Let’s talk. We’re ready to launch your next great Boston influencer marketing campaign, and we can’t wait to partner with you.

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