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Project Notes

Well-planned PR campaign during pandemic

The Brief

Zenreach had problems getting practically any coverage from their last agency and came to us to get the word out about their business and to share data-driven insights into the current state of retail. Given the Covid-19 crisis, they had a lot of valuable insights to share regarding how much retail has plummeted and what businesses can do to thrive.

The Execution

TOP executed a well-planned PR campaign, working hand in hand with the Zenreach data science team and pitching their proprietary data along with charts that journalists love. We’ve been able to get up to the day relevant data on the state of retail and make predictions about future retail trends. The result is consistent and repeat coverage in top tier media outlets.

The Result

Working hand in hand with the Zenreach data science team, we have secured consistent coverage across TV, radio, print, and online, and numerous top tier placements and niche industry publications that Zenreach values. John Kelly, CEO of Zenreach, has become a go-to media contributor on the state of retail and is repeatedly invited back to the same outlets as their source on retail coverage.

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