Project Notes

Intensive identity building brand project

The Brief

A major global fintech company was struggling with its identity–both internally and externally. First and foremost, how could we ensure the C-suite and employees could understand and articulate the mission and vision, and how could we help them share that mission and vision and tell their story to a diverse set of external audiences worldwide?

The Execution

We undertook an intensive eight week identity-building project from the top down. Starting with the C-suite and branching out to stakeholders and customers, we learned what the perception of the client was from those on the inside and those looking in. From there, we brought the team together and got them to align on shared goals and messaging. Once we had that alignment, we were able to generate messages and campaigns for outside consumption that spoke to each individual audience that mattered to the company.

The Result

The campaign achieved a unicorn valuation for Rapyd as the leading FinTech provider

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