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Earning Media the Old Fashioned Way

We helped Del Monte break through the ad-heavy holiday season with earned PR.

The Brief

Del Monte wanted to boost its Thanksgiving sales but didn’t have any budget remaining for traditional television, radio, or print advertising. Del Monte’ tasked TOP with planning and executing a creative way to bring Del Monte green beans to the top of consumer’s minds during the Thanksgiving season without the need for top-tier paid media.

The Execution

To create news that a broad range of mass media outlets would cover in the two-week lead-up to Thanksgiving, PR Hacker created the Del Monte Green Bean Index — a ranking of which U.S. states love green bean casserole the most. Leveraging our in-house market research team, we conducted a survey of 2,000 U.S. residents in under 48 hours, resulting in an individual ranking that could be pitched locally in each state (with Kentucky ranked #1 nationally). Because we knew that the story could work well on local TV, PR Hacker’s in-house video production team also filmed and edited ready-to-go video B-roll of Del Monte product and recipes.


The Result

The result was something any client would be thankful for. The campaign generated more than 200+ media hits across the country including top CBS radio affiliates and was the lead story on Yahoo! News. Del Monte saw an 11% sales lift over the previous year all without spending a dime on any other marketing efforts.



To help Del Monte green beans break through the ad-heavy holiday season with earned PR.


Not only did we generate 200+ Media Hits – Del Monte saw an 11% sales lift over the previous year with no other marketing.

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