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Establishing the need of the hour with reactive PR

We pitched a series of opportunistic stories for Appvance that offered insights, analysis, and advice

What we did

The Brief

As the first unified test platform for software quality assurance, Appvance had advanced technology but a gap in understanding from potential customers about how the company could help accelerate software delivery. To bridge this gap and make life easier on the company’s business development and product sales teams — the missing link before the company could raise a substantial new investment round — Appvance needed to be quickly regarded as an industry thought leader with a best-in-class product.

The Execution

To establish thought leadership at blazing speed, TOP Agency created a series of stories that piggybacked on news events where proper software quality assurance had failed dramatically.

Using a “Goliath” pitch blueprint that leveraged the newsworthiness of other iconic companies, TOP Agency pitched a series of opportunistic stories that offered insights, analysis, and advice on high-profile software releases from companies like Apple, Google, and Microsoft — plus noteworthy government failures like the bungled release of Because Appvance’s founding team had a previous string of patents and industry awards to their credit, TOP Agency also developed a “hero’s journey” pitch blueprint that positioned Appvance as the remarkable culmination of decades of Silicon Valley disruption.


The Result

With widespread media placements across business, tech, and trade outlets, Appvance leveraged its newfound thought leadership position to successfully raise a major new investment round. Appvance received top-tier business coverage in 
Forbes, Wall Street Journal,
MSNBC, Washington Post
 & Bloomberg and top-tier technology placements
in Fast Company, VentureBeat
Yahoo! & the BBC Trade industry.

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