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Introducing a new crowdfunded entrant to a monopolized market

We helped launch a Finnish product into the monopolised market of U.S.

What we did

The Brief

When Finnish food startup Ambronite wanted to break into the U.S. meal replacement market and raise funds for expanded distribution, they faced steep challenges: The founders asked TOP Agency to raise awareness about their product in a space dominated by a larger, well-known rival (Soylent) and use this media buzz the fund a successful Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

The Execution

Using our “slingshot” blueprint, the Top Agency team conducted detailed searches of journalists who had covered Soylent in the past and pitched these journalists a series of stories that highlighted Ambronite’s unique benefits and how these benefits represented a truly groundbreaking improvement over the competitor’s approach.

To broaden coverage beyond this initial pickup, Top Agency defined more than 10 different types of potential product users — including the road warrior (business), the busy-but-healthy mom (family), and the body-hacking startup founder (tech) — and created viral-optimized news stories for each user type that were pitched to related media verticals (i.e., business, family, and tech).

The Result

Ambronite was featured in dozens of top-tier print and online publications, rocketed up the SEO rankings due to these high-quality inbound links, and met its $50K launch sales goal in less than one week — exceeding its overall goal by 200 percent.

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