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The marketing world is an ever-evolving ecosystem. A business today needs a strong marketing presence in order to survive. Losing touch with your audience could have catastrophic repercussions. Whether you’re looking for a one-off boost in your rankings or a complete overhaul of your SEM program, the TOP team has the skills and experience at the local and global level to ensure your Los Angeles company thrives here and around the world. Our team consists of SEM experts and incredible brand strategists who create customized, strategically sound SEM plans for your campaign or ongoing needs and implement them with the polish of a global SEM agency.

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  • Location and Demographic Targeting
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  • Growth Hacking
  • Optimized Content Creation

At TOP, we specialize in optimizing your website for more clicks and creating hyper-local campaigns that attract key customers across Los Angeles. Better yet, we can help you expand. We create unique SEM strategies that work on the local, national, or even global scale to ensure a lower cost-per-click (CPC) and that Google rewards your campaigns with better rankings and drives better results.

Quality search engine marketing is a multi-faceted plan and that can’t be conquered all at once. It takes strategy and preparation with attention to detail from start to finish. TOP is a full-service agency that specializes in SEM, so we can help seed your Los Angeles company’s SEM efforts with top-notch content, blogs, and other relevant channels to increase the effectiveness of your paid SEM efforts. Every step is well formulated to reach our goal, whatever that may be. Our holistic strategy to SEM has been proven dozens of times over to provide excellent ROI and the results you need to grow your business fast.

Like an In-house Los Angeles SEM agency with a global reach

We love our Los Angeles clients

As the center for the world’s entertainment industry and one of the most visited places on the globe, it can be hard to stand in search engine rankings with all that competition. Between celebrities, restaurants, tourism, art, and fashion alone, there’s a lot of clutter to get through. TOP has the kind of experience and expertise you need in order to not only reach the top of the page locally, but to do so, nationally, and globally, all while maximizing your ROI and staying within budget.

Partnering with TOP is like having a responsive, in-house SEM department that becomes an extension of your team. We don’t just acclimate well, we listen, see your vision, share it, and bend our SEM skills toward growing it fast, and strong. Our passionate SEM experts thrill in every project, and relish every opportunity to share insights and make our clients shine with success.

Why hire a Los Angeles SEM agency?

When you hire a Los Angeles-based SEM agency you are hiring a partner right here in your community who can react fast and can execute on a global scale. TOP will sift through the data that will help get your website the most possible clicks from any given subset of your unique Los Angeles audience. Los Angeles is unique with its own atmosphere and culture, and it’s important to understand that when optimizing SEM. Building a strategic and responsive SEM program takes time. As your Los Angeles SEM agency, we work on your schedule and can give you the attention you need to create the most powerful program possible.

Develop localized approaches that hit your direct market. In a fast-paced city you need a local agency right in Los Angeles that can help move with the rhythm of your city.

Search engine marketing for Los Angeles companies

Search engine marketing requires a lot of upfront effort before you really start to see results. TOP has the knowledge on how to plant the seeds through content, blogs, and other relevant channels before the traffic really starts to pour in. When you buy that traffic and purchase only traffic that will be relevant to you, it is easy to see almost immediate results. We have the proven strategy of doing this a dozen times over, so we know how to avoid overspending.

It isn’t just a matter of if you want your company to reach its potential in SEM, everyone should want that if they want their business to flourish. It’s a matter of who is the best for the job. While SEM is not a new-fangled method and can be learned by most, it is more likely that you will not see the results of a company that has done this time and time again and gotten proven results in the process. TOP is the SEM agency that can skillfully work with the data that will help get your website to the next level.

An SEM Agency that lives in Los Angeles

Nobody knows the city like the locals. The advantage of having an agency within your city is simple, we have eyes on all your competition. We have our thumb on the pulse of Los Angeles and our ears are always listening for the next big competitors. Being as they say “down in the trenches,” gives us the advantage of seeing the community and understanding its quirks, values, and style. We don’t just know your audience, we are a part of your audience, and who better to work your marketing than that?

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