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Favorite Candies by State

TOP Data analyzed the most popular candies Americans are turning to during the holidays

  • 20 The number of states where M&M’s are the most popular candy, making it the most popular in the U.S
  • 47 The percentage rise in demand of candy compared to 2021
  • 17 The number of states where Skittles came out on top as the most popular candy.
  • 1 in 2 The number of Americans eating more than 10 candies a month

As restrictions have lifted after the new variant, people are looking forward to celebrating Valentine’s Day this year. As demand for candy sees a 47% increase which candy will we all be indulging in? Our latest report suggests that it’s a handful of M&M’s or Skittles that people will be grabbing.

Nation’s Favorite Candy

The two candies dominated the popularity contest, with M&M’s being the most popular in 20 states and Skittles coming a close second with 17. Kit Kat wins the best of the rest prize but in truth, it was a two-horse race for the affections of the nation’s belly.

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Best Candies
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