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TOP is committed to scaling brand strategy across the marketplace

London has long since been a player on the global scale, but burgeoning and revitalized industries have positioned it to be one of the most competitive markets in the world. During the initial growth process, core strategies often take a backseat to other initiatives. The team of market researchers, branding experts, and data analysts at TOP are employed specifically to ensure the success of your next campaign, product launch, or entire strategic overhaul. Whether in London, Cambridge, Oxford, or beyond, our team has the skill set to rethink your company’s current positioning and imagine a world of previously unexplored possibilities.

  • Full-service brand positioning and architecture
  • B2C and B2B brand strategy expertise
  • Dedicated London brand strategists
  • Wide experience from London startups to tech giants to fast-growing CPG

In order to test the viability of your product and the impact of your messaging in London, Cambridge, Oxford, and Birmingham, our team at TOP and your team will collaborate on a number of activities, done in-person here in London or remotely at various locations across the world, to redefine key metrics and determine KPI’s that will measure the success of this collaborative project.

Instead of redirecting the resources necessary to further growth in other areas of your company, allow TOP to conduct an analysis of the current state of affairs and determine opportunities at the local, national, and global scale. Not only will you save time, you will save profits.

We know the competition -- inside and out

We aim to understand your competition so well, we can determine their next move -- like Chelsea versus Manchester United. From that, we can compile a strategy based on evidence, insight, and intuition.

We dive into the data

Not to be confused with the annual swim in the Thames, we plunge into the depths of your data, get our feet wet on the current state of your business, and create a realistic, fact-based strategy around those insights.

We bring your team together

You know how everyone can agree that the Tube is unreliable and slightly dangerous? We can get your entire team on board to a marriage of business strategy and brand strategy.

We simplify the growth process

A growing business brings growing complexity but we help realign both management and the front line to focus on what really counts.

There are a wealth of complexities that accompany the growth stage of any company, but we will ensure your entire team, from upper management down, is focused on the task at hand.

Our strategic engine is in London

We love new and existing London clients

From Camden Town to Canonbury, Shoreditch to Soho, there is an atmosphere of innovation is unique to London than anywhere else in the world. With any company, here or abroad, there is a fundamental shift that is required within an organization to steer the ship on the right course, because the people and the processes associated with any company are integral to change.

Whatever the underlying reasons for the need to focus on the role your brand plays, it is helpful to look at the prevailing attitudes, beliefs, and drivers of all the people related to the success of your company whether they are located in your London headquarters on in one of your regional offices. This includes everyone from your leadership team, to your management team, to your workers, and to your customers and prospects.

When you rally your team around a common strategy that everyone can get on board with, you will maximize your productivity, your profitability, and your potential to dominate sectors of the industry you previously thought untouchable. Changing market conditions such as new geographies, competitors, segments, technologies and new business models open an entire world of opportunity.

Why Hire a London Branding Agency?

There are plenty of agencies worldwide that have achieved the sort of global accolades that TOP has — trust us, we recognize and acknowledge the amazing work that other organizations have created. None of those agencies, though, have their finger on the pulse of what is happening in London now and in the future quite like we do. In breakthrough industries like finance, media, and manufacturing, there is opportunity to break through the saturation and achieve brand differentiation when you acknowledge both the challenges and the competitive white space that your brand can fit into.

London Leaders Do Branding Strategy Better

We seek to drive value beyond conventional measures. As a global branding firm deeply rooted in multiple industries, we’ve helped clients in virtually every industry vertical capture marketplace opportunities and establish sustained differentiation through bold positioning, creative naming, imaginative design, and insightful market research.  To deliver on this promise, our team is a deliberately eclectic mix of management consultants, brand strategists, communication planners, service design experts, search and social strategists, as well as digital consultants from London and other key centers of excellence.  We love making companies a category of one.

At TOP, we employ a team of strategists, designers, writers, managers, developers, researchers, doers, movers, and shakers to exchange creative ideas, share insights, get bold, step outside of the box, and take lead. This deliberate mix of disciplines allows us to drive value that cannot always be measured by a number. When you win, we celebrate. Anything worth doing is worth doing right.

A London Branding Agency That Backs Creative With Data

Great brands and stunning creative work do not just happen. When we grasp your brand’s DNA and do the research necessary to back our strategy up with both quantitative and qualitative research, we begin to have a deeper understanding of your audience and what makes them tick. This way, your strategy is informed by interviews from real people, insights from factual data, and business planning that transcends the norm.

We would love to meet you, be it in London or anywhere else across the globe. If TOP can add value to your brand, we are willing to go the extra mile. We cannot wait to help a few more great London companies scale quickly and responsibly.

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