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Your UI UX design agency should take human centric design as seriously as we do.

TOP is the fastest growing UI UX design agency in the country - and we're right here in sunny L.A.

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A people-focused UI UX design agency

From the Valley to South L.A., we’re committed to creating efficient UI UX digital experiences for Los Angeles brands and beyond.

Everyone wants to put the stamp of “L.A. built” on their company’s bumper. Our UI UX design experts at TOP are constantly working hard to guarantee that each Los Angeles company (from startups to unicorns to enterprises like Living Spaces, AT&T, Walt Disney Co., and Guess) is fully equipped with digital experiences that drive users to action.

From contracting our services in order to ease user testing to hiring us for everything from persona development to logic definitions to wireframes, we offer a wide array of UX/UI services that no other Los Angeles agency can replicate.


  • Journey Mapping
  • Low and High Fidelity Wireframing
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Eye tracking and heat map analysis
  • Usability Testing

UI UX design is custom made to entice, fascinate, and drive the people interacting with your visual experience to take action. By utilizing progressive principles that take audience, container, and brand context into consideration, we’re able to construct interactions made to help your brand grow. And we’re happy to be able to grow our brand alongside yours.

We know L.A.'s landscape

We know the peers and competitors you're up against like the back of our hand. In Los Angeles, everything seems to need to not only move faster, but it also needs to be simpler. We help you bring your own lane to the forefront and push to be faster, more adaptable, and more nimble.

We architect Los Angeles' digital experiences

We mark down the pathways and micro interactions that each of your users need in order to quickly give them what they're searching for. Breadcrumbs, anchors, sequential card animations, and timeline-based scrolling are all tools to keep users moving and navigating between where they've been and where they wish to go next.

We help users decide where to go next

We understand how people experience the web and how they interact with a variety of information options in order to fulfill a specific need. Our process allows us to apply tools such as customer interviews, design thinking, and usability testing to generate valuable experiences for your target audience and user journeys that deliver exactly what they need exactly when they need it.

We curate lookalike audiences

We work to test our experiences grasping at enough lookalike audiences so that we can determine and deduce with confidence. We then engineer our pathways and outcome in order to meet the expectations we've set ourselves.

We love Los Angeles and everything it stands for

We also love our L.A. clients

Many say that people in L.A. live in their own little world, and we’re proud to say that we do! Other cities within California all have their bit of Cali flair, but like TOP, only L.A. can shine this bright. We love that our city puts people experiences first, and our UI UX design team pushes to emulate that same perspective while still working to meet the goals of the brand. It’s difficult to capture attention in a land where being extraordinary is already considered the norm and filled with so many icons and creative geniuses. But we love a bit of friendly competition. We’re always happy to have the chance to prove our worthiness to operate from this city and show the practices that bring us continued success. As the highest performing Los Angeles UI UX design agency, we love sharing our experiences with brands, peers, students, and our entire community.

Why Hire A L.A. UI UX Design Company?

Don’t fall pray to choice overload. In the exact same way that too many options on a site can make it difficult for users to act, too many options for who should develop your next experience is also overwhelming. Add us to your shortlist and we’ll show you why partnering with TOP is as good as the experiences we create. We’re in a quadrant of our own thanks to qualitative and quantitative research. Everything we do is done the people-first way. That’s the way L.A. rolls.

Los Angeles UI UX Design For Local and Global Companies

Whether you have just one of your many offices stationed in L.A. or if this is your sole home, we know hiring a local UI UX design agency pays off. We have amazing talent seasoned with years of experience from some of the world’s top companies, solving design challenges and interactivity with the L.A. sense of progressive thinking and go-getter enthusiasm. We have the collective intellectual property needed in order to trust that we’re able to smoothy and quickly meet yours and your audience’s needs.

A UI UX design Agency That Lives In Los Angeles

By hiring a Los Angeles company that does UI UX strategy, design, testing, and analysis, you’re investing in the local economy. Come visit our downtown office. You can learn first-hand why our UI UX design team members are able to get the job done with persuasive and emotional designs that put people first.

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