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TOP is a 2018 PR Week Global Award winner - and we're located right here in beautiful Detroit.

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From to Kennedy to Regis, we’re committed to Detroit Public Relations

Detroit is home to many of the most important, and successful companies in America. At TOP, our team of experts, PR go-getters, and all-around amazing people work hard for Detroit’s modern companies with custom tailored campaigns and relentless effort. Whether you need Public Relations consulting for one-off projects or a complete strategic overhaul of your PR strategy, our specialists know how to serve your needs and transform your business. No other Detroit PR company does it better.

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  • Wide experience from Detroit startups to established Fortune 500 companies

Detroit is not only a great place to live and visit; it’s a dynamic place to start a company. With an amazing talent pool that grows every day, your company can choose from the cream of the crop. But without a public relations presence as epic as you are, attracting top talent and customers can be difficult. Investing in a PR agency that knows Motor City is the strategic advantage you need to thrive.

TOP has worked with Fortune 500 companies to startups and everyone in between. We understand the traps and pitfalls of growing a Detroit business and how to make sure your company gets all the public attention it needs to grow at a significant pace. We’ve helped new companies become great companies and existing companies become Detroit juggernauts.

We create local, Detroit news

We use our proven blueprint system to make sure that your brand gets in of local, Detroit headlines as well as the leading national publications creating the right exposure to the right audience. 

We strike with iron-hot precision

We use the latest tools to pre-seed stories for your brand in both major, local publications as well as the top 100 U.S. markets, including a smattering of microtarget headlines for increased specificity and effectiveness. 

We A/B test with the best.

We'll write about 25 different headlines for a single pitch and then test them while scaling up from a Detroit-based story a national news release, using the winning headlines we pull from the data sets.  

We think visually.

We know that we only have seconds to catch a journalist’s or a consumer’s attention before they move on to something else, so we've mastered the optimization of our pitches to catch and hook their attention. 

We measure results.

Effective PR starts with a clear definition of the client’s priority KPIs and metrics. We then use our leading data-packaging techniques to measure those results and ensure an effective ROI for your campaign. 

Our heart and soul is in Detroit

Our Detroit clients...we love 'em all

Detroit is one of the most important cities in the world. From the automotive industry to housing, advertising, and virtually every form of manufacturing, Detroit continues to work, and work, and work. In such a powerful city, it takes that same work ethic to stand out. Here’s where TOP helps. Our custom, high-return Public Relations campaigns use all of the top strategies to make sure you’re seen. As the best Detroit PR consultant, we take pride in helping our hometown neighbors succeed. We make sure you achieve and exceed your revenue goals and obtain sustainable growth over time.

Much like the city, we started small and hopeful and grew into the mighty machine we are now. Sure, we’ve had our share of pivots and rebrands but we are proud to work with everyone from Del Monte Foods to Valley Fine Foods; Budweiser to Bowflex; and everything between.

Why Hire a Detroit Public Relations company?

We know the lay of the land, literally. We’re born and bred here in Detroit and that level of institutional knowledge cannot be bought. We’ve been around the block more than once and know all the media players and what makes them tick (and click) on our pitches. We combine the best tech that Detroit has to offer with the innovation of a startup and the experience of an old hand to make a potent Detroit PR powerhouse.

Local Public Relations For Detroit Companies

We all want to buy local, and the same goes for your PR agency. Those giant, faceless PR agencies may seem to have all the resources, but there’s no substitute for having a PR company who intimately knows your audience (because they’re among them) and knows how to reach that reporter at the Morning News you’ve always thought would love your brand.

A PR Agency That Lives In Detroit

We’re your neighbors. We live in the same neighborhoods, shop at the same stores, care about the same issues, and know all the movers and shakers in a city full of them. You can trust TOP to be your partner as you build your PR portfolio and improve your brand in the Detroit (and across the country) because we understand this city but most importantly, we understand why you love calling it home. Because we do too.

Get to know TOP and all that we can do for your company. We’re ready to set your brand above the fold.

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