Market Research

The gathering of information around current customers or target audiences

It's important for a business to be able to define its customers or potential customers, Market Research offers that unique insight.

We are insightful.

We deliver key insights on target customers, new potential customers, opportunities and competitors which we can then analyze to create an overall marketing strategy.

We listen.

We use a variety of tools to analyse what people are saying about brands, businesses and people, turning that information into useable data.

We are fast.

In a 24 hour a day news cycle, data analysis needs to be fast, so we turn around our research quickly to offer actionable insights.

We are insights-driven.

We package data in head-to-head comparisons, surprising rankings and juicy findings to bring meaningful frameworks to marketing campaigns.

We are visual.

We take potentially confusing results and turn them into easily digestible charts, graphs and infographics to share with team members.

Our Capabilities

Market Research Projects

Working together we can advise on the best approaches to using market research within your business.

Concept and product testing

We can arrange focus groups, on-street sampling, event sampling and more to find out exactly what people think about your new product or concept before it launches.

Customer insight

Find out exactly why, how and where customers are buying and using your products through a targeted market research campaign.

Employee satisfaction

Stop wondering what your employees really think about a newly implemented program or change by commissioning us to find out.

Competitor Insight

Competitor data can show overlooked areas and opportunities available to businesses and brands.

International Research

We can run programs across the globe that look at how different countries or regions utilize products or where new markets exist.

Our Market Research Agencies

Our Market Research Agencies will show you all there is to know about your customers and target audience

Come dive into your customer insight with us