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Austin continues to be the fastest growing metro area in the country. And as good as the barbecue is, folks are coming here for the tech jobs. At our Austin web design agency, we know what separates a good company site from a great one—and we only deliver great.

Our web development and design philosophy

A. Plan

We don’t write a line of code until we understand exactly what your business is trying to accomplish online. If you have some trouble articulating this (and many do) we work with your company’s leaders to set ambitious, quantitative goals, along with a sensible roadmap to get there.

B. Build

Once we have the master blueprint, we pull the drill and hammer. Our developers are experienced and full-stack, which means they build fast. Of course, we also always measure twice—ensuring a stable, scalable site that can grow with your company.

C. Optimize

Web development ought to be an iterative process—based on user’s reactions to your product. Our job isn’t over when your site launches. We keep on top of core metrics, making improvements based on the results. Which means your site improves over time, optimized around what your company is trying to accomplish.

Austin's web design process

1. First, we audit

First, we establish what you’re trying to accomplish, then we see where your current site is underperforming. Bear in mind, no redesign starts from scratch. There may be valuable elements to your existing web presence we wish to re-use or re-package. We also look at your competitors, to see what we can build on and what to avoid.

2. Next, we construct

Every site we design is cutting-edge—built with the awareness that cutting edge means different things in different industries. Some designs look nice but are inappropriate for certain businesses. For instance, if a site selling coupons look too slick, users won’t believe they can get a good deal on it.

3. Then, we grow

Finally, we build out each 2-week sprint with the next 2 years in mind. Will a new employee be able to easily understand the site’s structure and code? Is growth—from flexibility to SEO optimization —baked into the site’s foundation?

Our Austin location

TOP Agency’s Austin office is located in a rapidly growing area of downtown. It’s a techie paradise, and we make sure to stay on the cutting edge of what’s going on.

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