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We create adaptive and responsive web experiences designed to spur action.

Good design cultivates relationships and enhances reputation. TOP helps your website compel your audience to learn more, linger longer, take action and share.

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A look and feel that fuels growth

This web design agency creates designs that enable a deeper relationship with your audience

Did you know that two out of three people prefer to read beautifully designed content? TOP’s Web Design team partners with you to beautifully feature your brand through designs that inspire audiences, boost reputation, and convey a focused story of who you are and why the world should pay attention.

We define the framework for the experience and rapidly prototype key interactions in the user experience generating detailed wireframes, functional and presentation specifications and even animation samples.
We express the “feel” of the experience to understand the impression it will give your audience through detailed design comps showcasing key headlines, tone of voice, and the selected conceptual treatment.

Then, using analytics and user research, we help you decide between fluid design and static layouts at hard breakpoints so your story will look great per the device usage of your audience. We create mobile-first design systems that load content quickly and reward interactions with delightful functionality intended for the smallest of screens. From infographics to charts and graphs to diagrams, heatmaps and animated timelines, we help you spotlight crucial information that users can digest quickly and easily. And the final designs culminate into a website, app, or digital experience that can serve as a foundation for growth for your brand. We don’t just design for art aficionados – we design for people and our deep expertise in branding, search engine optimization, marketing, development and more mean that we don’t design solutions in a silo. We think about the end-to-end user experience and how to tie each interaction back to ROI.

Check out a few of our capabilities below:

  • Digital Branding and Visual Identity Systems
  • UX Design
  • Detailed Digital Design
  • Adaptive and Responsive Design
  • Mobile Design
  • Data Visualization

We begin every web design project by auditing the existing content, look and feel, technical and SEO performance, and pathways and throughputs for users from your existing experience (if you have one) and we analyze similar digital experiences from your peers.  We determine what content will need a new home and spotlight opportunities for modernization, differentiation and simplicity.

Then we work to create persuasive designs that integrate functionality with aesthetics and work for your audience wherever they are on the device of their choice. And, we don’t work through a final outcome with any draconian methodologies. We observe, listen and share each step of the creation process. Our team of web designers at TOP firmly believe in sketching and testing and showing the what could be before its locked in. It’s an emotional journey too, because you’ll be in the splash zone with a front-row seat to participate in crafting your brand’s next evolution.

We design to differentiate.

We combine creative strategy, smart technology, and user data to craft high-performing and flexible custom experiences that reflect your core values, culture and value proposition.

We reflect your audience

From a more accessible user experience true to the latest standards to features that showcase your audiences in appearance, tone, and messaging, our experiences truly work.

We keep people engaged

We employ effects like 2D, 3D, Rotoscope, SVG, timeline-based animations and custom videos to draw your audience in and then boost loyalty with triggers and actions.

We test and learn

Your website should as well. We have the ability to test everything we make, so we can adjust and optimize the experience over time.

We use design to intrigue, form and function to retain and propel

Our web design team knows how to build beautiful and high-performing brand expressions that meet your audience's needs.

Did you know digital games are also social networks? That apps are relationship platforms? Are you aware that purpose-driven marketing is the trend of the moment? We think about connections and purpose all day, every day. And, we work to appeal to the complex facets of your audience while delivering on societal and brand expectations.

A gauche website can do lasting damage to your brand. A pragmatic and merely information website can underwhelm. We strive to surprise and delight with elegant simplicity that showcases the heart of your brand and speaks to people and fans you want to connect with more deeply. To do this, the team at TOP spends time analyzing the landscape, conducting social listening, auditing content and listening for the moments in your brand’s story that spark passion and awe. Then we magnify those sparks into an emotive expression that compels people to linger longer and then engage. Our designs truly limn the best aspects of your brand story.

And, like good lighting in a selfie or a chin jutting slightly forward in a headshot, we know that nuances translate to appeal. Brands often opt to tell their story in long-form where they can maintain full control over what is said. But, this option doesn’t enable control over what is felt when their audience consumes that message or part of it. Pithy prose combined with highly relatable imagery and recognizable visual patterns can be more effective for truly speaking to an audience in digital form. People don’t want to be talked at – they want to have a dialogue. A compelling design system, combined with great UX and UI techniques and content makes this possible. Your audience is speaking to you everytime they scroll or click, drop off or share. Does your current design system and technical platform let you hear them? How does the pace of that dialogue affect your digital property’s performance? People process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. And, at least 90% of information sent to the brain is visual. We help you enhance your story with the design systems and imagery that lead to quick processing and comprehension.

Show your story.