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Washington DC Video Production Company

Brands can no longer afford to make video an afterthought. Videos go viral more often than other content and provide the ideal format for telling a brand's story. TOP Agency's Washington, D.C. video production company works hard to produce crisp, compelling video at the pace of trending events and breaking news: keeping you relevant in a city that moves on the double.  

Our video production philosophy

We don't waste our time—or yours—producing videos nobody will see. Before writing scripts or setting up lights, we research the video landscape your brand plays in to determine what's already getting shared. Then we reverse engineer the results and bake in our own TOP Agency formula. That's why we yield industry-leading results for our clients time and time again. We also understand that the medium has to match the message. The types of videos that go viral on Youtube would flop on Facebook, and vice versa. Every platform has its own preferred length, format, and presentation. And discovery can't end after a social push—we also optimize our videos for video SEO, ensuring all our hard work pops up in search results for months and years to come. Finally, we understand that unless you hook a viewer immediately, you've lost then. We craft every headline and thumbnail with that principle in mind—ensuring we hook your audience's attention, and keep it until your message is heard.  

Our video production process

Of course we're all about the how of shooting and editing—but first, we want to understand the why behind your company's multimedia strategy. What are you looking to get out of video marketing? Increased awareness? Brand repositioning? Boosted EoY sales? Only after we've established a set of concrete, measurable goals do we begin the process of distilling your company's pride-points into a compelling visual narrative—which we then share to the right people on the right channels. We understand the importance of storytelling through video, which is why our content resonates so deeply with viewers. We embed solid story structure, dramatic tension, and three-dimensional characters into every script we write. Then we bake in viral triggers, which activate our audience's emotions: from empathy, to hope, hilarity, and heartbreak.  

Washington, D.C. location

Every morning we walk past the White House to get to work. Not only is it a visual treat, but it also gives us an opportunity to reflect on how our work is changing the world: one brand at a time. We help our clients get their message out there, translating their pride-points into crisp and compelling video narratives. So if you’re looking for a national agency with a local presence to help you with your corporate video production and marketing needs, look no further than TOP Agency Washington, D.C.  

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