Viral Marketing

We have the power to make your product or service go viral

We use proven and measurable strategies to make brands go viral globally

We are the viral experts

Ben Kaplan, CEO of TOP is one of the World's leading experts on Viral Marketing, so we pride ourselves on our specific strategies in this arena.

We understand what others don't

We know that it takes a blend of both data driven insight and human interaction to create the perfect viral campaign which will go global.

We offer a unique insight

We utilize tested strategies to implement proven blueprints and content creation to ensure results surpass all possible expectations.

Our Capabilities

Viral Content

Our content creation teams will work on producing video, animations, designs and striking images, all which can be used to increase the virality of a certain topic or product

Viral Mass Media 

Work with our PR teams to create a PR strategy which aims to go viral through the mass media

Viral Social Media 

Work with us to create a social media strategy which keeps you top of market and increasingly sharing viral inducing content

Viral Influencers

We work with influencers across various segments and specialities to create campaigns which support viral campaigns and maximize results

Our Viral Marketing Agencies

Our Viral Marketing Agencies will turn your product or service into a viral sensation

Let's make this viral