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From Kitsilano to Kerrisdale, we create videos that drive Vancouver companies forward

Vancouver is home to some of the world’s most innovative companies, with the tech infrastructure and cultural scene to prove it. The TOP team of producers, directors, and video editors work hard to ensure that the stories around Vancouver’s best companies are displayed in compelling and informative ways. From major international commercials to corporate training videos to short, snappy social clips, our specialists will create compelling stories and give them maximum exposure.

  • Viral video creation
  • Video editing
  • Live streaming video
  • Event video production
  • YouTube optimized video


From production to shooting to editing, a good video encompasses storytelling skills beyond the medium itself. We reverse engineer our production by first aligning the goals of the brand and a target audience. Then we compose a video production plan that makes the most sense for the end viewer.

Our unique method of cross-channel storytelling allows amplification of your message to a range of platforms and their audiences. From YouTube to Facebook to broadcast television, we rally our other disciplines across media planning, digital specialists, and viral marketers to ensure that your video reaches the masses.

Vancouver is our backdrop

We love our Vancouver video clients

Like many West Coast cities, Vancouver houses hubs of tech, culture, and innovation. Home to many world-class companies, Vancouver entities are constantly looking for new ways to stand out. TOP helps in making custom content that is created to help you succeed, no matter what the goal may be. We take pride in ensuring our neighbors see success.

Every business is unique, as are their customers. We don’t use boiler plate templates for creating videos; every project we work on is specifically designed to the business in question. We know what works and what doesn’t, and we take those learnings in creating a plan that works best.

Not only do we create viral videos worthy of buzz, but we take that master file and break it into a number of different content formats for use across a range of platforms and efforts. Our method of Testing, Optimizing, and Performing allows us to create a “stackable content” model that is efficient, effective, and scalable.

Why hire a Vancouver-based video production agency?

We know Vancouver and we know the background creative and technical details necessary to ensure that your video carries the message to your local markets and those abroad. This unique blend of capabilities will consistently drive customers to your business or encourage them to take the action you want them to.

Wherever your video needs take you, we have boots on the ground to ensure those needs are met. Vancouver is an international city, and we understand that Vancouver-based companies know what’s going on here at home, but do those other agencies have partner agencies that reach across the globe? We can scale your video to markets around the world.

Video Production for Vancouver Companies

Whether you need to drive awareness, find new customers, or create a video explaining your product, we can help you better understand the intent behind your video and help your customers better understand who you are as a brand. Across Davie Village and Chinatown, we use data to drive our creative approach and look for innovative solutions at every point along the way.

A Video Agency Based in Vancouver

Vancouver is ripe with history but is, in many ways, ahead of its time. Couple that with a desirable climate and every type of terrain you could imagine, and Vancouver is a city unlike any other. Vancouver’s rich personality and all of the beauty in the surrounding areas like Whistler provide the perfect backdrop for creating globally renowned videos here at home. From the smallest of startups to the largest of enterprises, we serve Vancouver companies at any scale.

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