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Toronto Video Production Services

Toronto is at the heart of the Canadian video production scene: home to everything from hard-hitting documentaries, to major Hollywood pictures, and—of course—the Toronto Film Festival. We find inspiration every day to help our clients tell their stories with juicy footage and compelling narratives.

Unlike other agencies who outsource their production, we started as a nimble PR firm and developed a crack in-house team of script-writers, cinematographers, and editors who deliver industry-leading results in record time.

Our video production philosophy

At TOP Agency Toronto we don’t shoot anything before we understand the space you play in. We scour YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Vimeo to determine which types of videos your audience are already sharing, and then add our secret sauce on top—near guaranteeing viral results.

We also understand that the medium has to match the message. Viral videos on Twitter would flop on YouTube. Every channel requires a bespoke approach to captioning, length, and tone. We figure out where your audience is watching video content, and tailor our video production services to that specific channel.

We also understand the black-box of video SEO. YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world after Google, and it’s ranking algorithm is just as complex. We SEO optimize video meta-data to ensure you pop up in the right search results, even years after our initial push.

Our video production process

What makes your company unique? Before writing a script, we make sure we understand your brand’s pride-points, then convert your ‘secret sauce’ into a compelling narrative.

And while every story we tell is driven by emotion, we also understand they need to ladder back into concrete, measurable business goals. We’ve only succeeded when your viewers have completed a specific action: whether that be sharing, donating, or making a purchase.

Once we’ve clicked publish, we put on our marketing-science hat—methodically tracking your results, and continuing to optimize your multimedia campaigns.

Toronto location

We’re located in one of Toronto’s most picturesque neighborhoods, right between Downtown, Chinatown, and Old Toronto. Our surroundings inspire us to shoot great video content for our clients on a daily basis—so if you’re looking for a Toronto video production agency with a local presence, national influence, and a cinematographer’s eye, drop our TOP Agency Toronto office a line.

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