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We create videos that help Toronto thrive, from the MaRS Discovery District to Koreatown.

As the headquarters to some of the most cutting edge companies on the planet, Toronto is called home by planners, innovators, and go-getters. TOP’s team of directors, producers, and cinematographers work hard every day to relay the stories of Toronto’s modern companies in informative and engaging ways. From short videos for social media, to broadcasting commercials, to corporate videos, our specialists have experience telling stories that connect with audiences and drive goals. Since they’re part of an extensive agency network, our video team aligns their content with distribution models to ensure pinnacle exposure for every work of content.

  • – Full-service video content
    – Video that drives traffic and lead capture
    – Viral video creation
    – Live streaming video
    – Event video production
    – YouTube optimized video
    – Explainer videos
    – Documentary-style brand storytelling

High grade technology backed by rich history and gorgeous natural landscapes makes Toronto a city beyond compare. Every corner of Toronto contains the potential to tell a great story and provide a beautiful locational support for a tory already developed. Our experienced team has created content all over this city, allowing us to be able to create Toronto video with global reach.

We’ve worked with a large range of Toronto based companies — from global enterprises to local startups and local service providers to big brands.

Our video proficiency ranges from producing, scripting, shooting, editing, and mastering. Though it may sound simple, it takes hard work, years of experience, and natural talent to be able to engage our audience on an emotional level while also delivering quality content. This is why we created cross-channel storytelling — a technique used to allow your video to fully integrate the message your communicating in other marketing channels. If you want to create YouTube pre-roll to raise audience awareness while driving to sale on a Facebook ad targeted at those who watched the entire thing, we’re your agency. We’re extremely creative, but we’re also so much more than that.

It’s essential that any video being produced is geared towards a specific audience, so we make sure we backward engineer a project by aligning a goal with a target audience before applying our local video knowledge in order to create content that sticks. Since video that won’t be seen isn’t worth producing, we have complete distribution capabilities, including media planning, media buying, digital distribution, and organic viral marketing.

We help you discover your local Toronto audience

By utilizing our in-house Toronto research teams, we're able to determine target audiences and then create key video messaging that reaches past the noise. The videos we create sticks with our audience because we make them specifically for them.

We tell Toronto's story

The in-depth stories that we create are the stories that Toronto is waiting to hear. Powerful stories trigger action, allowing us to be able to test and optimize our videos and ensure that we're telling stories that are simple, surprising, and significant — the essential ingredients to virality.

We make sure Toronto sees your video

By utilizing our media planning and buying divisions — as well as an extensive network of influencers and journalists — we're able to create broader video distributions. We have the expertise to optimize your video for SEO and direct it to finding your organic Toronto audience on social media.

We make your brand as recognizable as the CN Tower

Every video we create drives a message. We make sure that we take a moment to really understand your business and your unique opportunities and create a bespoke message that will echo in the minds of your Toronto audience.

Our creativity was born in Toronto

We love our Toronto video clients

Toronto is at the height of industry diversity, from start-ups to next-gen AI to FinTech, all backed by entertainment and the arts, Toronto is truly one of the most unique cities in the entire world. Located in a city with more world-class companies than you can imagine — as well as more located in Cabbagetown, the Garden District, and the West Don Lands – it’s not easy to stand out. That’s where TOP comes in. Our custom-tailored content ensures that your brand is seen by creating our video content at scale.

If there’s one thing that we can’t do in terms of Toronto video production, it’s create cookie-cutter video content for every business we work with. Each business if completely unique and different from the next, and since our roots stem from brand strategy, all of the content we create is custom to each company’s specific needs, challenges, and opportunities. We’ve been in the business of making video content for long enough to know what will work and what won’t.

If you want to transform your initial video into various pieces of content all in different formats across a range of channels and platforms, we’ve deployed our Test> Optimize> Perform technique to launch “stackable content” — an innovative way to generate content in a process that’s more efficient, effective, and scalable. Now, video can finally be a part of your daily marketing endeavors, rather than “this is what’s affordable” events.

Why hire a Toronto video production company?

One of the essential benefits that comes from working with a local Toronto video production company is our ability to be able to handle all of the necessary technical and creative details in order to ensure that your videos make a connection with the local and global markets. Taking on a professional with years of experience — or even one who studied or worked at schools such as the University of Toronto — is an easy and hands-free way to continuously drive customers to your business.

Working in Toronto everyday basically guarantees that you will find us shooting B-roll in Nathan Phillips Square and cutaways near Humber Bay Arch Bridge, but our Toronto team has also executed creative video work from SXSW to Cannes.

Where can I shoot amazing video in Toronto?

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a Toronto video agency is how knowledgeable we are about key locations. From the Distillery District east of downtown to Casa Loma in midtown — as well as High Park while the cherry blossoms are in bloom — we know regional video and exactly how to shoot it. We’ve also worked in spaces such as the MTCC and Heritage Court, Le Germain Hotel Toronto Maple Leaf Square, and global corporate campuses. We’ve seen and done it all, we can get a story out of each location.

How can I stand out from Toronto competitors and beyond?

If you need to drive awareness for your next big project, or if people are already searching for your products but need a better understanding of what you do and can provide, our Toronto agency can help you to better understand what direction your video content needs to go and how it stands up against your competitor’s content. Our video projects begin with a complete review of competitor video in order to find any whitespace that will help us shine in an area they don’t. From the Junction to Bedford Park to East Danforth, we introduce a data-driven approach to structured creativity, opening the door for new innovative solutions with every project we take on.

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